Pregame Press Conference Quotes (vs. Iowa)
Carmen Reynolds

Feb. 14, 2012

Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
On Iowa and using momentum from last week's win over Nebraska ... "Iowa is riding a five-game win streak. So obviously, they're feeling pretty good about themselves. We beat Nebraska; we're at home, we feel pretty good about ourselves. It should be a pretty good tug fest, come Thursday."

On how the team matches-up against Iowa ... "They've won five in a row and they're averaging 80 points a game with five wins in a row. Their defense, right now, field goal percentage wise, is the best in the league. They mix their defenses up pretty good to keep you off guard a little. They're pretty well groomed right now; so are we. We're in the same boat they're in obviously. We feel we have good chances against anyone they play."

On team's recent offensive production, sharing the ball ... "We need all of our players to play. We can't just have one or two. On any given night it maybe somebody different. But, it has to be somebody. The more the merrier. If it's only one or two of us, chances are, they may have to score 30 apiece. But, if you have four or five people contributing, it makes a big difference."

U-M Junior Forward Nya Jordan
On upcoming game against Iowa and carrying over momentum from last win against Nebraska ... "We still have the momentum we have to carry on into the next game because every win counts, so we aren't trying to take a break mentally or physically."

On any changes in preparation with extra time from bye week ... "Working on stuff individually like taking more shots, attacking the rim, making sure we score or are able to score when we get close to the rim. We haven't done much, but we have had enough time to practice and rest, so it's been a balance of both."

On last four games of the season and the team's goals ... "To win all four, I mean, just try and play our hardest to the end of the games, the end of all the games. Whether we win or lose we just want to end on a good note. We're looking for four wins."

U-M Senior Guard Courtney Boylan
On the difference in preparation with the extra time before the coming game against Iowa ... "I think what's been really nice is that we got an extra day off actually, so instead of playing Sunday we got Sunday off. So now we have yesterday to prepare, then today and tomorrow, but I think the extra time is needed, towards the end of the season your legs are kind of getting tired."

On mentality of coming off a bye week ... "That's important to look at, having a week to prepare for a team, maybe you can lose sight of what you're doing, but I think for us it is going to be really good overall."

On the 'buzz' defense run by Iowa ... "We've actually run this a little bit. The buzz defense is basically almost like a free for all, so basically what happens is two people will start at the top in kind of like a 2-1-2 set and basically what they do is it's just a free for all, you try and force them towards the middle and the elbows. It's just a different view, not many teams run it; it's not like a 2-3 zone or a 1-3-1 zone so not many teams have seen it, but we've actually had the privilege of seeing it because we've played it."

U-M Senior Guard/Forward Carmen Reynolds
On bye-week preparation for Iowa ... "We've been focusing on resting up a lot. We've got some days off in here, making sure our legs are ready. We've got some good lifts in because we haven't lifted as much because we have games back to back; just focusing on getting stronger and being well rested so our legs are ready."

On the difference in practice with the five extra days for preparation ... "It's really focused each practice. We focus on defense and offense, we do certain drills, we can break everything down and spend more time on it, which really helps. Regardless of how much prep, we get we always go through the same process, but it's just nice to have a longer time to prepare as opposed to just two or three days."

On coming off a bye week ... "Hopefully, we will use it to our advantage obviously. With bye weeks you never know what's going to happen. We get more rest, we get more preparation, but when it comes down to it it's just 40 minutes of playing basketball so anything can really happen."

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