Pregame Press Conference Quotes (vs. No. 22 Purdue)
Kevin Borseth

Feb. 22, 2012

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Michigan Head Coach Kevin Borseth
On the matchup versus Purdue ... "Purdue is big, they are athletic, fast, and very talented. They started the year on top of the conference. They have had a little slide as of late where things have been a little difficult for them, but all of the games have been close. They are very determined, very well coached and again, very athletic. It is a hard matchup for us with their size. We're obviously going to have to be ready to go, because it is a big game for everyone in the conference at this point in the year."

On Senior Night ... "Obviously, Senior Night is a very emotional night for our three seniors, specifically. I think it is a night that carries a lot of high energy from all of us. Of course being at home there is a little plus from that standpoint, but it is a great night obviously. We get a chance to honor the seniors that have been here that were our first recruiting class."

On the keys to winning Thursday against Purdue ... "There are a lot of keys. Obviously, Purdue brings a very difficult and very, very good team into Crisler Center. We have to be able to do what we do on the defensive end of the court, rebound well. On the offensive end of the court, we have to be able to take care of it (ball) well. They're leading the league, I think in steals and forcing turnovers, we need to make sure we do a good job taking care of the ball."

On the importance of earning an early lead versus the Boilermakers ... "I don't know what players know. I don't know if they pay attention to those types of things or not. All I know is it is one play, one game at a time. Just because we don't necessarily go back and say whether they are on a downer or they are on an upper, because it really changes game to game. A lot of that comes down to game matchup scenarios. I know they are going to be extremely driven trying to get themselves back on the right track. We are extremely driven trying to take us to an area we haven't been to in awhile. It should be a good contest."

U-M Senior Guard Courtney Boylan
On Senior Night and last game at Chrysler Arena ... "I think it will definitely hit me once we get closer to it. I haven't really thought about it that much, I'm just excited. It's a big game. I'm not so much worried about Senior Night as I am about winning the game."

On Purdue coming in after suffering three losses in a row ... " We have two games left in the regular season before we head into the Big Ten Tournament and they're important. You have to come out strong and every team knows that. So while Purdue will come out tough, I think that we will be tough as well."

On getting 20 wins either against Purdue or Iowa ... "Both would be great. I'll take 21 wins over 20, but when we said that on Sunday about the 20 wins, that has been our goal and now we're coming down to the end. Either one (against Purdue or Iowa) would be great, but both would be even better."

U-M Junior Center/Forward Rachel Sheffer
On upcoming game versus Purdue ... "They're aggressive, they're physical like any other team, but we're just going to focus on us, really just doing what we do."

On rebounding against Purdue ... "As long as we come together and we all just do our own job to keep them off the glass, we definitely have the ability to out-rebound them. We really just need to focus on keeping them off the boards offensively especially."

On Senior Night ... "I think we're going to have a good crowd. It's our second-to-last game and we have a lot of fans to support us, but I think our seniors are going to be really pumped and it's just going to bring up the whole team. We want to win for them."

U-M Senior Guard/Forward Jamillya Hardley
On Senior Night ... "I do have a lot of family members coming from Grand Rapids to see me in my last home game at Crisler Center. I think that is pretty special in itself, and just to share the moment with my other two classmates, Carmen Reynolds and Courtney Boylan, that's going to be another memory; playing in our last game here at Crisler."

U-M Senior Guard/Forward Carmen Reynolds
On upcoming game Purdue ... "I think we're just going to go out there, wanting to have fun, that's our focus. When we get caught up in the game or were down, just to keep that confidence, to have fun and just smile. It being the last home game for us seniors, our goal is to just leave it on the court and have some fun."

On defending Purdue's Brittany Rayburn ... "She is definitely going to be a focus, we're going to have to play good help-side defense and make sure whoever is guarding her is getting out and pressuring her for the three-pointer, but be ready for her to drive too. That's where the help defense will come in. It's going to be a team effort on defense to stop her."

On potentially getting to the NCAA Tournament for first time in 10 years ... "We'll see what happens, but we have to continue strong here in the next two games."

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