Catching Up With Rebecca Lyttle
Rebecca Lyttle

July 24, 2012

The University of Michigan women's basketball team will usher in a new era in 2012-13 as Kim Barnes Arico takes over as the ninth head coach in program history. With the entire team now on campus for summer classes, caught up with freshman Rebecca Lyttle to see how she is handling the transition from high school to college, what it is like to finally be on campus and why she picked the University of Michigan.

On what she is looking forward to the most for the upcoming season ... "Academic-wise, I am looking forward to being on my own. It is more just independence. It is being away from home, a change, something new. Basketball-wise, I am pretty much looking for a championship. I am pretty sure everyone else is looking for the same thing. I am looking to contribute as much as I can to the team."

On the importance of being on campus in the summer ... "I think it is very important. We get used to the buses, the different buildings and knowing our way around campus before all the students come in. It is like we have a head start on everyone else. I am sure if we came in the fall, it would be a lot more crowded and we would get lost easier. Now we have time to roam around, get to know the area and get adjusted."

On working out as a team this summer ... "I think that it is good, in the summer, to be working out together as a team. We have been working hard, doing different things that we might not be able to do on our own. If we had waited to come to campus, we would not be doing these same things. It also helps with team chemistry, getting that off to a good start."

On the five-member senior class ... "It has been great having a big senior class. With us having four freshmen and five seniors, each freshman can have their own senior and you still have someone left. We can always go to them for rides, for help, whatever it is. It is a great thing to have a lot of seniors."

On what the biggest adjustment from high school to college basketball ... "The size of the girls is the biggest difference. High school, of course, you can play against a team that has a big girl, but it is not every person on the team or every game. Every other game, you might play a team that has someone big on it, but now in college, every game you are playing against the biggest and fastest. You are playing against teams that have five good players instead of just teams that maybe only have one or two."

On her goals for the upcoming season ... "I just want to do whatever the team needs me to do, whether it is play defense or score. Whatever it is, I want to do my part. I will do whatever they ask of me."

On training in the William David Player Development Center ... "I love the facility and think it is great. The gym, the locker room, weight room and training room are all amazing. They really put a lot of time and effort into giving us the best possible facility."

On her decision to come to the University of Michigan ... "I felt comfortable here. On my visit, I just loved the family atmosphere. When people ask me about why I made my decision to come to Michigan that is what I tell them. The fans support the team and it is not just that they support football and basketball; they support all the sports here at Michigan. I really like how everyone is friendly and made me feel comfortable here. The great academics here and the sports also played a part in my decision, but being comfortable was a huge part of it."

Rebecca Lyttle is a 6-0 freshman forward from Miramar, Fla., where she attended Hollywood Christian High School. As a junior in 2011, she helped her team to the FHSAA Class 1A state championship and was named Player of the Year for her efforts. A four-time all-county selection, Lyttle's high school team reached the state finals in three of her four seasons at Hollywood Christian. She is enrolled in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and is undeclared on a major.

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