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Aug 23, 2013

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The Journey to Nice -- by Sarah VanMetre

The day started off rather early, meeting for breakfast at 7 a.m. after getting back from the Eiffel Tower at midnight. We boarded the bus at 7:30 a.m. to get to the train station (Gare de Lyon) for our 8:49 a.m. train to Nice. It was a little hectic at the station and getting all of our luggage onto the train was a bit tricky, but we were on our way to Nice.

The train ride was super smooth and provided a nice view of the French countryside. But the best part of the ride allowed everyone to get caught up on some much-needed sleep. We saw water about three hours into the ride and it was gorgeous! It kept getting prettier and prettier as we got closer to Nice, with a few stops along the way.

Once the train arrived in Nice, we would have traded our luggage experience in Paris for just about anything. We had to go down a flight a stairs, walk a little bit and then go up a flight of stairs to get to the exit. Not a big deal unless you are carrying one or two 50-pound bags and a backpack. We got a nice little workout in the station, but we didn't care because we were finally off the train and in a gorgeous city.

Nice -- by Rebecca Lyttle


Once we got to Nice, France, everyone was eager to relax at the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We wasted no time once we got to the hotel. We quickly put our bags in our rooms, changed into our bathing suits and headed to the beach. It was only a five-minute walk to the beach from our hotel.

The weather was perfect for swimming and laying out on the shore. Once we found a spot to put our stuff down, we were excited to jump in the water. The water felt great, but I was a bit surprised to see pebbles and rocks on the shore instead of sand. While we were swimming, Coach Joy, Coach Chester and Coach Mel decided to go parasailing. It looked like a lot of fun, but by Kendra, Nicole, Madison, Shannon, Val and I decided to go on a banana boat instead of parasailing. That ride definitely belongs in the top five moments. We laughed the whole time and I watched as a few of my teammates went flying off the boat.

After our boat ride, Coach Arico and her husband went parasailing as well. The time at the beach was so much fun and everybody really enjoyed themselves.

After the beach, we had a workout with Bo to prepare our bodies for the upcoming game on Saturday (Aug. 24). The workout went really well and by that time, we were ready for dinner.

At dinner, the majority of us ordered pizza or pasta. The food was incredible. Following dinner, we spent the rest of our evening wandering the streets of Nice.

Overall, today was amazing. The trip keeps getting better and better. This has been one of the best experiences of my life and I am looking forward to the rest of our visit in wonderful Europe.

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