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Aug 25, 2013

Photo Gallery | Wolverines in Europe

Game day and Florence -- by Cyesha Goree

Saturday, Aug. 24

On Saturday night, our last night in Como, we played against a team of all-stars from Italy. With this being our second game in Europe and our first one in Italy, it made me even more excited for the game. It was an hour bus ride to the gym from the hotel, which was a great time to listen to my pre-game playlist and get mentally checked in.

When we arrived at the gym, it was a different court than what we were used to playing on, but it had two baskets and a ball, so we were ready to show the Italian All-Stars what Michigan women's basketball was all about.

From the tip, we took it to hem representing the Block M with pride. It was great to see everyone get out on the court, allowing us to gain confidence for the upcoming season. After the game, we took pictures with the team thanking them for the amazing opportunity to play against them.

As we hustled into the locker room waiting for Coach Arico to come in and lead us off with "One, two, you know what to do!" we prepared to sing "The Victors" loud and proud. After the game, we were asked by the European fans to take some photos as we ate pizza before heading back to the hotel to end our night.

Sunday, Aug. 25 -- Morning

It is time to get back on the road and head to our nest destination. A nice long bus ride to get ready to see more beautiful places in Europe. Florence, Italy: here we come!


After checking into the hotel when we arrived in Florence, we were able to go on a tour around the city for about two hours. We started at a church that was beautiful inside and out. Our tour guide told us a lot of interesting facts about the church. Then we moved on to the square before seeing one of the oldest bridges in Italy. On the bridge, we took photos and enjoyed the beautiful sight of the river.

After the tour was over, we ate dinner at a great Italian restaurant in downtown Florence. I had lasagna and one of the best things about Italy is that everything tastes so fresh here. We were allowed to get dessert and I had strawberry cheesecake. I felt really honored to be able to tour such a beautiful place.

I hope to make it back here soon!!

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