Women's Hoops Euro Trip Day Eight Blog

Aug 27, 2013

Photo Gallery | Wolverines in Europe

Ancient Rome -- by Kendra Seto

Wow! What a morning we had on our second day in Rome and day eight on this amazing trip through Europe. This morning was special because we were taken back through history by a very enthusiastic tour guide named Joanna. We were told to put our imagination caps on and picture ourselves back in time 2,000 years ago.

We got the opportunity to go on a walking tour thought the Colosseum and with our headsets in and turned on; we were all ready to experience history together. It was amazing to see all the artifacts and to be standing in the same spots as gladiators and historic Romans had once stood.

My favorite part of the tour was the Colosseum After walking up a couple flights of very steep stairs to the top to see the view, the burning in the legs was worth it! The view from the top was breathtaking. There was so much to take in and to think about how many men and animals had died in that arena. The amount of history in just that one area is amazing.

As fun as the walking tour was and seeing things that are once in a lifetime experiences, it is time to head back on the bus and rest our legs for our game tonight. It is our last game of the trip and we are going to make it our best one yet!

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