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Aug 28, 2013

Photo Gallery | Wolverines in Europe

Game Three and the Vatican -- by Kelsey Mitchell

Last night, the game went well and we ended up with a win over Stella Azzurra. Since it was such a late game that didn't end until 10:30, there was not much else we could do other than prepare our minds and bodies for the day we had in store on Wednesday.

We had breakfast at 9:30 and then headed for the Vatican after that. The team didn't know what to expect when we walked through the doors. We started the tour with a history of the Sistine Chapel and the artist behind the paintings (Michelangelo). It was beneficial to learn about the paintings before going in.

We walked through the whole museum and then the Sistine Chapel. It was huge and so beautiful! We were all straining our neck to try and see everything on the ceiling. After that, we went to St. Peter's Basilica, the biggest church in the world. We toured throughout it and it was truly massive.

Everyone bough crosses or rosaries for our loved ones back home at the end of the trip. It was a really fun experience for me and I can't wait to get back to Michigan to pass out the gifts I bought for my family and friends!

The afternoon and farewell dinner -- by Siera Thompson

After a long morning of touring the beautiful Vatican, we arrived at the Trevi Fountain. It has to be one of the most, if not the most, amazing fountains I have ever seen. The sculptures and the way it was set up had me mesmerized. So, of course, we gathered for a team photo by it. We all then made our wishes, closed our eyes and threw our coins into the fountain. Hopefully, all of our wishes will come true!

We then had a farewell dinner to enjoy each other's company for a final time before heading home in the morning. It was all laughs and love at the tables as we sit together as a family. This trip has brought us together in a powerful way. The connections we have made and the experiences on the trip will last a lifetime. We all were able to go through this together and no one can take that from us. This trip was a success all the way around, from the games to the sightseeing. It was definitely an unforgettable trip.

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