Wolverine Athlete Spotlight on Rebecca Lyttle
Rebecca Lyttle

Nov. 6, 2013

Sophomore forward Rebecca Lyttle (Miramar, Fla./Hollywood Christian) missed most of her freshman season recovering from a knee injury suffered in high school. She dressed for the majority of Michigan's Big Ten season but never saw game action. She dedicated her offseason work to getting in better shape to prepare for her first full season in the Maize and Blue. She talks about how she started playing basketball, what she thinks this team is capable of and some of her favorite things.


On how and when she started playing basketball ... "I started playing basketball when I was in seventh grade. They wanted me to play volleyball, so I tried out for volleyball, but I didn't really like it that much. So I switched to basketball and found it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed everything. I just remember being on the court with all my friends. When I first started playing, it was just like, “Oh, come and play with me,” and it was just time with my friends. As years went, by I realized I could be good and started winning games and they brought in a new coach. It was just a lot of fun, me getting better, the team getting better, the coach getting better, and I started to see it as a future for me."

On what she thinks this team is capable of ... "I think our team is capable of a lot. We've been working hard from the offseason until now, having tough practices, so I feel like we are capable of strong defense. We are just an all-around great team and our team chemistry is great. We are a young team, but we just bonded so well. I think our chemistry is a great thing for us right now."

On the biggest thing she worked on this offseason to improve her game ... "For me personally, it has been conditioning; doing a lot of outside running, inside running, sprints and all those different things. I have been lifting with our great strength and conditioning coaches. So for me it's just been conditioning, everyday trying to get into better shape."

Do you have any personal goals for yourself this season? If so, what are they?
On her personal goals for the season ... "Coach Arico always talks about doing the intangibles, like getting on the floor, getting a lot of rebounds and playing as hard as I can. So for me, my goals are just trying bring that extra hard work and do the intangibles for our team. I want to do anything that the team needs me to do. For me, it's just to get out there and play to the best of my ability."

On why she chose Michigan ... Michigan, as they always say, is about being the leaders and best. They are in the top five percent. The first thing I was looking for in a school was academics and, of course, everyone knows that Michigan has one of the greatest academic programs. The support was just amazing, so that really stood out to me, but also just the family environment. Being from a close family, everyone was just so welcoming and made me feel welcome, so I felt like I was already a part of the family before I even decided to come here. So just the family environment, the academics, and of course the basketball program has really been improving. All those things really stood out to me."

On what she likes to do away from basketball ... "In my spare time, some of the other girls on the team and I like to make videos. We have a lot of fun just relaxing with each other, so we like to make videos and just play around, sing a little bit. We also like to do a lot of drawing. There are a lot of things that take our minds away from basketball and relax."


Country/place she would most like to visit ... Brazil

One person, living or dead, she wants to have dinner with ... Jesus

Dream job outside of sports ... Become a physical therapist

Celebrity crush ... Dwight Howard

Best advice ever received from a coach ... “Hard work pays off”

Super power she could have ... Super speed

Favorite cereal ... Fruit Loops

Deep-dish, regular or thin crust pizza ... Thin crust

Worst habit ... Biting my nails

First job ... Never had one

Favorite childhood TV show ... Arthur

Favorite movie ... Cool Runnings

Game day superstitions ... Just pray

Advice you would give to a future Wolverine ... Never let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Always believe in yourself.

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