Wolverine Player Spotlight: Taryn Mark

Oct. 9, 2013

Sophomore Taryn Mark netted her first collegiate goal in the Wolverines' 10-2 rout against Ball State last Sunday (Oct. 6). She has appeared in every game this season, starting eight in the midfield, in her second season as a regular Michigan contributor. As the Wolverines' prepare for a pair of in-state rivalry games, Mark took some time before practice to talk about her goal, Michigan's fortune at home and the team's growth over the last two months.

Taryn Mark Taryn Mark
West Vancouver, B.C.

Q: What was your feeling after scoring your first collegiate goal last Sunday?
A: That was pure excitement. I've been working so hard and wanted to score so badly for so long. To finally get that goal was relief. I feel like part of me won't be so anxious. Hopefully, they'll just keep coming now.

Q: You were one of seven different goal scorers against Ball State. How important is it to have some variety and versatility in scoring?
A: I think it's really important. It shows the diversity we have on our team. Each position, each role and each person we have on our team is important and contributes so much to that diversity. So, I think Sunday's game is evidence of that. It's also a huge confidence booster.

Q: Michigan won a big conference game with that comeback against Iowa. Combined with some other conference results recently, do you think we're right back in the hunt?
A: We've just been growing so much. Each weekend we come out stronger and better and more confident and united as a team. So, I don't think it's ever wavered as to whether or not we're still in it. I think we know we have the ability to go get the championship, and we're 100 percent focused on that.

Q: We're 5-0 at home this year. How big of a boost is it to play at Ocker Field?
A: Being on your own field and being on campus and representing the block M is just huge. The familiarity of it and the support we feel here makes everyone play that much harder. This is our field. We want visitors to know they're at Michigan, and we want to defend our field.

Q: We played up a Michigan State in an exhibition before the season started. How much has this team grown since that preseason meeting?
A: Immensely. We've just completely come together as a team. So, when we step out on that pitch, everyone is so supportive and we have so much trust in each other. It's a complete team effort, and it's how we're going to win games. I just think it's amazing how much we've come together.

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