Wolverine Player Spotlight: Jaime Dean
Jaime Dean

Nov. 6, 2013

Sophomore Jaime Dean has been a fixture in the Wolverine midfield since her arrival in Ann Arbor last season, appearing 41 games over the last two years. She boasts a career-best three goals and two assists while contributing to four shutout victories this season. As U-M prepares for the Big Ten Tournament, Dean took some time to talk about the Wolverines' postseason preparation and her increased comfort as a sophomore.

Q: What's the team's attitude coming off a big home weekend and heading into the Big Ten Tournament?
A: After these past couple games against Penn State and Indiana, we're feeling pretty good. We're trying to stay positive. We're looking to put the past behind us -- those are some unfortunate losses. From here on, we're just going to have a good mindset and give 100 percent on the field.

Q: Do you feel like the postseason is a clean slate?
A: Definitely. As Marcia [Pankratz] says, now we're onto to season two. We're just going to roll with it, and we'll give it all we have and play with our hearts.

Q: You played quite a bit last year as a true freshman. Did that experience help you feel more comfortable this year? Do you feel like you've grown over the course of the season too?
A: Having that experience last definitely has made me more comfortable. It's different now. Last year, I didn't know what to expect coming in, and now we all -- the sophomores -- can all use that to our benefit. Coming into this tournament, we've been here before, so I think we all feel confident and strong.

Q: We have continued to tweak stuff late into this season. Has that had a good result on the field?
A: In the games where we didn't do as well, I think we really learned from them and have grown from them. I think that showed in our win over Penn State, and it demonstrates that we have the potential to win this Big Ten Tournament.

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