NCAA Championships Journal: Junior Kim Benedict

Monday, May 20

Junior Kim Benedict writes about the second practice round the Wolverines had in preparation for the 72-hole NCAA Championships.

Today we played our second of two practice rounds at Washington National. The course is in great shape. It should be a tough, but fun, course to play for the next four rounds of the championship. During the round, we hit a lot of putts to places where we expect the pins to be placed during the tournament and we continued to plan out how to play the holes. There are some holes here that require precise placement off the tee and into the green, but as a team, I think we've got them figured out.

After the round, we practiced for a few hours, basically as a last-minute check on our swings and our short games. While on the range, I worked on my swing path and my timing, which continue to be issues with my full swing. Timing will definitely be something that I will have to focus on tomorrow with my full swing, especially since I'll most likely be nervous heading to the first tee.

With all of the media and the spectators, we'll have to focus solely on our games and avoid all of the distractions. It's comforting to know that our parents will be there with us all the way ... the support that they give this team is priceless. We have the most supportive parents in the Big Ten ... hands down.

After dinner and before the mandatory rules meeting tonight, we plan to sit down as a team and discuss the course, as well as what we have to do to be successful. I believe the key for our team is to stay relaxed and focused.

We have worked hard all season long to make the NCAA Championships. We now have the opportunity to turn heads in a national spotlight and get our program the recognition that it deserves. We've come a long way to make it here and now it's time to show that the University of Michigan belongs amongst the best teams in the country.

If we play solidly like we have been in our previous tournaments, then I'm sure that we'll do just fine.

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