In The Spotlight: Lauren Grogan

Oct. 11, 2013

Never one to shy away from telling a joke or just lightening the mood on the course or practice, Lauren Grogan has had an impressive start to her third season in Ann Arbor. After leading U-M in the first two events of the fall season, she continues to strive to get even better with each practice and competition round. New focus and working on the all the little things -- mental and physical -- with her golf game has been the key to her success this season. Prior to leaving for the Diane Thomason Invitational, Grogan took a few minutes from practice to talk with for a spotlight segment.

Lauren Grogan
Columbus, Ohio

On starting the season out well and being consistent ... "I'm pretty happy with how the season has started. A big part of it has been the structure of the practices and making sure we're practicing with a purpose and we've gotten through the drills that have simulated tournament play. It has really helped me, especially coming up to competition, not only in gaining confidence, but also being prepared to play."

On her mental game ... "What we hear a lot when we're out on the course and what I love is how our coaches stress the mental game and staying in the process. A lot of times we get caught up if we have a bad hole. We really just need to stay in the process because golf is such a mental game. Once the shot is done, it's done. There's nothing you can do about it. You can only focus on the shot at hand. I think in turn doing that, if you can really focus on that, it will significantly help your game in the long run."

On in-tournament adjustments, specifically the ones at the Challenge at Onion Creek in Austin, Texas ... "We talked after the round. Obviously, everybody agreed that's not how we want to play. Coach just said, 'go out there, and we want to be as positive as possible. Play, act and stand like you're a champion.' It's crazy how you can almost trick the mind into doing that, whether it's with your posture or how you carry yourself. Coaches don't want to see you from a hole away with your shoulders down. Part of winning is making sure I'm working on that, and in turn it really does help. If you can do that and really focus on that, I think it's a big part of the battle."

On what she can work on in the last two tournaments of the fall season ... "I really want to work on continuing to stay consistent. For me a lot of it is mental because I love to go up there and hit it as far as I can. But Coach has stressed that course management is a big thing. It's crazy to look back on a round and, like I did in Texas, I made a couple mental mistakes and course management mistakes that cost me some strokes. So if I can really do better in course management it will be a big asset."

On wearing navy socks in practice, and whether she is making it a fashion statement on the course this year ... "Yeah, I love the high socks. You have to make sure they match the outfit, obviously. But at least the last day I really like to go out and wear the high socks, especially with the block M on them. I think they're pretty cool. Sometimes I get some funny tan lines but that's just part of who I am. It carries over from my basketball days with the high socks, and some people get some laughs out of it and a lot of people like them. So I'm definitely trying to keep that going as long as I can."

On funny things that have happened any road trips ... "We have a couple things planned coming up, but that's not known about. However, on the road we have a lot of fun. In Tennessee we had this video called "Guy on a Buffalo," it's a YouTube video, and we were just quoting it the whole time. We have a lot of funny moments, just making jokes out of things and having a positive aura around really helps and it's a really light mood, so everyone is able to have fun and still manage to put up with the sports, so I'm really looking forward to what there is to come."

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