In the Spotlight: Catherine Peters
Catherine Peters

Oct. 25, 2013

A putting stance change, new irons and new coaches would make anyone nervous. For Catherine Peters, it is just all part of another day. Her efforts are starting to blossom as she will start the fall finale in the No. 1 slot -- something she has worked hard for. Looking more into it, Peters took a few minutes from practice to talk with for a spotlight segment.

On evaluating the beginning of her sophomore season ... "For the first tournament, we all kind of went into it with no expectations. We were ready to go play and have some fun, and because of that we all played really well. Then after that we kind of went in with expectations of playing really well, and that got in the way of us playing our best. So far, we've all been in the middle of some pretty big changes with the coaches, swing changes, mental game changes, but for me I need to rely on getting a new putting stroke. I think we've all settled in pretty well, and I'm really excited for this weekend."

On what she has done to change her putting stroke ... "Before, I was bent over the ball a little more, and that affected my line. I come across the ball, and it was more of a feel putt, and I'd have trouble with the short putts because I wouldn't get the ball started on my line. Now I've squared up my stance, I look taller over the ball, and the ball is starting down my line more. I'm hitting with the center of my square face, so now I have better speed control, and I'm seeing the ball fall in on the high side of the hole a lot more."

On her new clubs ... "There was definitely an adjustment period because this is the first time I've switched irons in almost four years. I've picked up six to eight yards on each of my irons, so there was a little bit of an adjustment period there, plus there's a little bit of weight. Getting used to the yardage was a big thing because I'm more of a repetition kind of person. I don't necessarily trust the numbers, I need to be able to feel with an iron in my hand and be completely confident with the yardage. I'm shooting better, and that showed in qualifying this past week, and I feel like I really am confident and my irons are tuned up and tuned in to the right yardages."

On how she and the team are adapting to the coaching changes ... "They're young bloods. I think Coach [Dowling] is the youngest coach in the athletic program currently. They bring very positive energy, even when we play terrible there's always something positive coming out of it. This entire past fall semester they focused on short game, short game and short game, and that's where we've been lacking. Even when serious, Coach has a positive tone. She brings energy to the team."

On playing in the number one position this week ... "I am excited. I'm excited to go against the top dogs. Not that two or three is much different, but it's just a different feeling. Something I've worked really hard for."

On what she and the team will focus on over the winter break ... "I'm going to focus on continuing to strike the ball well. That's my bread and butter, hitting greens and two-putting and being patient for that birdie putt. But I'm also going to continue to work on being in control of my putting and hitting that five-to-10 foot range even better and just working on not moving back into my old stance. My wedge game has come a long way these past weeks. I did have trouble with the high soft shot, and I'm working with Coach Mattson on that. That came a long way, and I saw that paying off during qualifying. I think short game is something the team should focus on during the offseason. That's where we're going to see our scores drop. That's how we score."

On her love of running and biking ... "If it's raining out I'll grab a ride with one of my teammates, just because the chain of my bike isn't very good. I still usually bike down to at least the golf course and to the golf camp from there, I just need a way of getting back. I still love running. Running is my way of keeping in shape in season because we don't go very hard in workouts. Workouts right now are more mobility and staying loose."

On if she envisions herself ever competing in a marathon or triathlon ... "When I'm out of Michigan maybe I'll do one of the Tough Mudders. I would love that."

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