Postmeet Quotes: Quad Meet at N.C. State

Jan. 17, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Bev Plocki
On the team's performance... "I thought there were some things that we did better this week than last week, and there were some things last week that we did better this week. It's typical for where you are during the early stages of the season. We're competing in different road venues. I'm very happy that our athletes stayed poised when there were miscues. They worked through it. The next person comes back and has a nice score and helps smooth over the little rough patch. When we clean up those rough spots, we're easily going to be in the mid-197.000s, which is where we want to be."

On the balance beam rotation... "You could clearly see that something was bothering Annette [Miele]. She knew, and she made the smart decision at the end of the routine, doing the roundoff layout. We were fine with it. We'll take the two or three tenth deduction, play it safe and live to compete another day. That was a really smart thing for her to do. Again, people could have panicked, but nobody did. We knew it would be fine. For Reema [Zakharia], even though she had a fall, that's the best connection of that series that she's done. She made a tiny error with the direction of her foot when she landed the back tuck, but that is something that can be easily corrected. I'm very pleased with the improvement she's made in that routine. She scored 9.400 with a five-tenth fall. It was a pretty impressive routine if not for that fall. You see the strength and potential of where she's going."

On Joanna Sampson... "She is one of those people that sort of turns off the outside world and performs very within herself. She just goes out there and does her thing. She was great tonight."

On performing at home next Saturday after two weeks on the road... "I'm looking forward to it, for sure. Hopefully, we have a big crowd. It's Ohio State. How can you not get excited for that?"

U-M Junior Sachi Sugiyama
On her performances... "I think it went really well. I'm pleased with myself. I took out the full-in pike, which I think was a smart move to let me ankles rest and have it be a more relaxed meet. It paid off. I had a great time tonight."

On the team performance... "It is early, and I think we're performing very well for it being the second meet of the season. I'm very proud of how we did tonight. I don't think I could ask for much more."

U-M Sophomore Austin Sheppard
On her vault... "My vault was pretty amazing. It was a great feeling. I had a step back on it, but it was a controlled landing. The result for that vault was pretty impressive."

On what allows her to get the height and distance on her vault... "I really don't know. It's always been a pretty strong event for me. I've always loved vaulting. My coach taught me that technique is very important, and I try to use that every time I'm out there."

On uneven bars... "I think it went well. I need to continue to get more confidence on that event. I was short on a few handstands and had a step on a dismount, but I'm pretty pleased overall with that routine. I hit and did what I needed to do for the team."

On the team performance... "I think we did great. Our energy was there, and we were focused on every event, taking it one at a time. We've got some things to correct, but it's the second meet of the season. We'll be able to fix that in practice and do even better next time."

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