Postmeet Quotes: #6 Michigan 195.800, #14 Illinois 195.575

Feb. 7, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Bev Plocki
On the judging and what she told the team afterwards ... "You can only control what you can control. You can't control the judging. This was one of the strictest-officiated meets I've been at across the board in all my years. There were some really high-quality routines that were being scored well below their average. No matter how upset or disappointed we are with the way they were judging, we still opened the door for them to take those deductions. Tonight, they just chose to take more. We have to button those things up."

On positives to take away from the meet ... "Coming out with the win was the biggest victory that we could have. All night, I was so proud of the way they hung in there. It's really easy to become disheartened when you aren't being rewarded for the routines or when things aren't going your way. You can put all your energy and think you did a good routine, a 9.850 or something and when it goes 9.750, it can take the wind out of your sails. You can let down your energy to make yourself vulnerable to even bigger mistakes, but we didn't do that. We hung in there and fought all the way through. That's the biggest thing I take away from this."

On Briley Casanova connecting for the second week in a row in a pressure spot ... "That's why she's in that spot. I trust her in that spot. Unfortunately, we've given her a lot of experience at doing that and she's come through on many occasions. She did again tonight. Kudos to Briley for pulling it through. Had she had a mistake, that would have been the difference."

On rebounding and putting this meet behind them ... There won't be any question about bringing energy in practices all week long. They're irritated right now that tonight went the way it did. They'll be ready to go back in on Monday and go to work."

U-M Senior Shelby Gies
On what the team learned the most out of this meet ... "I think it was just that, a learning experience. We came in extremely prepared and things didn't really go as planned on any event. I thought we responded extremely well and fought all the way to the very last routine. Coming off of last week and not finishing the meet off on floor where some fluky things happened, this was a big learning experience. It wasn't the score we wanted, but we finished and fought to the end and that was exciting."

On individually bouncing back after sustaining a fall last week on balance beam ... "Each weekend is new and going to be different. You've got the whole week behind you. I came into the gym on Monday and had redemption on my mind. I thought I had a strong week in the gym and felt my confidence was higher than ever coming into this meet. I just wanted to do what I do every day in the gym and stay calm mentally."

On the next week ... "Coming off this, I'm really happy we came out with a win. The scoring was definitely very off for both teams. I think we're ready to come in on Monday and start fresh with competitiveness. Our mentality in the gym will be to fight every day."

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