Postmeet Quotes: #8 Michigan 196.650, #7 Nebraska 196.125

Feb. 14, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Bev Plocki
On how the meet turned halfway through the meet ... "I think that we were a little frustrated by some of the scoring through those first two events. I thought our performances were good, but the rewards weren't there. At vault, I got the team together and told them that we had to dig deeper. I told that that we needed to show how tough you are. You've got to be ready to battle in big competitions. I wanted to see how tough and determined they were. That might have been our best floor exercise rotation so far this year. In a lot of other places, we might have gone 49.500 or so. I was also very proud of how we finished on beam. We've talked a lot about getting stronger as the meet goes on and I thought we ended very well."

On how the team responded to the challenge of the facing a top-10 team on the road in a dual meet ... "I would hope they gained a lot of confidence from this meet tonight. This is the fun part of the sport, to be able to go back and forth with another team. Every routine matters. Can you go out and perform? We knew this was a challenge and I thought we did a great job of answering it tonight."

On how the judging differed from last week's meet at Illinois ... "We were slightly short on a few handstands and had a couple steps on dismounts. We were good, but we weren't as great as we normally are. If we had something in the grey area, they were going to make sure they deducted for it."

On Nicole Artz and how she handled her first go-around as an all-arounder ... "She's been amazing. She didn't do her very best on vault tonight, but I think it was important for her to go out and get this one under her belt. She just needs to get in there and develop a comfort level. Tonight went a very long way in helping her do that."

On this meet and looking ahead to next weekend ... "This one feels really good, but I am already looking forward to next weekend. It'll be a great opportunity to get some experience on the podium before the end of the season. And obviously, Alabama and Oklahoma are two of the top teams in the country. It's another challenge and one that we need to be ready for."

U-M Senior Joanna Sampson
On her performance ... "I'm feeling pretty good. I think this meet as a little similar to last weekend where the scoring was a little bit tight. As a team, we sealed the win because we finished off the meet so strong. We were behind at the halfway point, went ahead after the third and kept it going all the way through the end. We did an amazing job finishing tonight."

On the floor exercise rotation ... "That was one of our best performances all season. The scores may not have reflected that, but that's our sport. It's subjective. It felt great to be out there. We continue to get confidence each week and this will keep us in high spirits for next week when we go up against some very good teams."

On competing at the Perfect 10 Challenge next week ... "It's going to be very exciting, especially since it is on podium. We've never had a regular season meet on podium. It'll be great to get experience in a situation like that. Things have different bounces when you're on a podium. I'm looking forward to it."

U-M Freshman Nicole Artz
On what the mindset was heading into the last rotation with her leading off ... "We know we aren't supposed to look at scores, but we know what the situation is in the back of our mind. We knew we had to hit to win. That's basically what it was. You just to treat it the same as any other meet. It was no different."

On being an all-arounder for the first time ... "It was fun. I've been working really hard mentally more so than physically. Now that I've done it here, it'll build my confidence for the future."

On floor exercise ... "That was so fun. It was by far the most fun on the sidelines and on the floor, especially being in an away meet. Our energy was through the roof. We were at Nebraska, but everyone wanted to watch us."

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