Postmeet Quotes: vs. #23 Kent State, BYU

Feb. 28, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Bev Plocki
On the outcome of tonight's meet ... "I'm extremely pleased. I felt like my team did their jobs tonight and that's all we can do. We hit 23-of-24 routines tonight and that's very encouraging. I couldn't be happier with their performance."

On the floor exercise performances ... "We did very well there and that's what happens when you have the energy and enthusiasm from your home crowd and you know the scores are out there for the taking. With Joanna, I think any spectator in the arena could tell you that hers was the best routine of the night, but that notwithstanding, I'm very happy with how we did there tonight."

On balance beam ... "A lot better than last week. I thought the performance was good. We had some good routines. There were a couple of little wobbles, but they were minor. Overall, I thought we did a great job. Austin was a little nervous tonight. She had a couple tiny things, but nothing major. I thought she did a very, very good job. I think her confidence will grow after this. She's one of those kids that needs a couple of times in there for real before she settles down and does ultimately what she's capable of."

On being back at home and looking ahead to next Friday's showdown against Utah and UCLA ... "We want to keep improving on same things -- eliminating some wobbles on beam, doing better on some vault landings. The little things. I don't know that we could have done much better on floor tonight. Joanna was not in the bars lineup tonight and it obviously wasn't as strong as it could be with her out of it. We'll hopefully be back to a full-strength lineup next week."

U-M Sophomore Austin Sheppard
On her performances ... "I'm happy with the way the night went. I hit all four events that I competed in. I'm very, very happy with balance beam. I was put in the lineup and it's a little more pressure since I exhibitioned the last couple of weeks, but I needed to hit and my score counted, so that made me happy. On vault, I was honestly a little shocked to get a 10.0 from one judge, but I'll take it. And bars, I thought, was solid. It was a pretty good routine."

On the team's mood after the performance ... "We're so happy. I think after being on the road these last three weeks and struggling, to have a good performance tonight boosted our confidence for sure. I'm very proud of everyone on this team. It was a great night for us."

On some things to work on heading into next Friday's meet against Utah and UCLA ... "I'd say vault landings. We always work on those. On beam, we can clean up some of those balance checks and little wobbles. Beam is a mental event and you can always strive to do better there. We'll work on cleaning up landings and form issues."

U-M Sophomore Briley Casanova
On winning balance beam ... "It felt so good to be up there. I just wanted to enjoy the moment, enjoy Crisler and the whole atmosphere. I had a great time. That was the main focus for me."

On exhibitioning bars and floor ... "Bars is definitely coming along, especially since I've been here at Michigan. I'm just taking it week-by-week. I want to be in that lineup and that's what I'm working towards. Floor didn't really go my way tonight with the double pike on that last pass, but overall, I was happy to be out there and it felt great to compete in front of the home crowd."

On the outcome of the meet ... "I think we're pretty pleased. To perform this way against two very good teams is very encouraging. We fought hard all the way through to the very end and that was our team goal. We wanted to have a meet where we took it one event at a time, work through everything and I think we did that."

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