Behind the Scenes: Picking Yourself Up After a Fall

Picking Yourself Up After a Fall

Michigan women's gymnastics junior Maureen Moody (East Lansing, Mich./East Lansing) had one of the worst uneven bars routines of her collegiate career last week, scoring well below her 9.77 season average. Maureen blogs about how she picked herself up and what lessons she learned from Minneapolis. All season long, Mo will give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the U-M gymnastics program as it marches towards Lincoln, Neb., and the NCAA Championships in April.

This weekend the team pulled out another Big Ten victory against the Minnesota Golden Gophers in Minneapolis. It was a close race from the outset and our team showed remarkable character in the way that we stayed together and made up for each others mistakes throughout the afternoon.

Personally, I was exceedingly grateful my teammates had my back on our first event, bars. I had a very humbling meet, as I performed the worst routine of my collegiate career, missing my mount four times before correcting the mistake and continuing on with the routine, only to finish with another fall on the dismount.

It was the kind of performance that burns your cheeks hot with embarrassment, makes you want to hide your face and hang your head low with shame. Despite a blow to my pride, the experience was more helpful than hurtful. It gave me greater understanding and appreciation for the saying "pick yourself up and try again."

It also reminded me of the importance of the team. I was impressed and thankful of the way my teammates handled the pressure situation I placed them in. They picked up my slack and made my errors less consequential by hitting their routines so that the low score I received would not have to count towards the overall score. This kept our momentum for the rest of the competition and reinforced that the team as a whole is more important than any individual performance, and reminded me of how crucial it is for the team to stay focused and united throughout a competition.

Throughout the rest of the competition, scores stayed tight, but our girls stayed together to pull out the win. Kylee set the bar with her confident, solid performances, helping widen the gap between us and the Gophers in her first competition competing in the all-around, and she was impressive enough to earn the all-around award for the meet! Overall, due to the nature of the close scoring, I think the team took away the importance of staying together during competition and focusing on the details. This Wolverine certainly came away from the meet with renewed understanding of how essential it is to function as a unit.

This week in practice I have the chance to work the kinks out of my routine, build my confidence back up, and give it another shot at the competition this weekend. Learning how to brush off my poor performance and move on will help make me a stronger athlete and person.

Until next time, Go Blue!

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