Adventures Abroad: Week Two

May 22, 2014

Ireland panoramic

Senior-to-be Sachi Sugiyama will be providing with weekly updates during her month-long study abroad trip in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. In this third entry, she writes about going caving in the Burren.

​Hello again!

This week has been just as jam-packed as the last! We've gone caving a couple times. At first, it was a little scary, but once we got more familiar with our surroundings, it was an amazing experience! The formations of the rock and the stalactites were just incredible. I was inspired by the time it takes for the water to beat against the limestone caves and become the wonders that they are. Unfortunately, pictures were out of the question. It was so wet and sometimes the water was up to my mid-thigh. Plus we had to crawl several times and climb up flowing water. The rain that we have been getting here created water falls that cascaded into the caves.

Speaking of that, we couldn't go into the caves yesterday because of the rain from the night before. The downpour and hail was soaking us through even before we had a chance to attempt to go underground, turning the entrance that we were supposed to go through into dangerous waterslide. The cavers we were with said they had never seen anything like it. It's very rare for the Burren to get thunderstorms, much less a storm right after a heavy rain the night before. The rain caused the caves to become "full" -- which normally isn't a problem. The issue was the heavy rain that we were standing in that literally caused tons of gallons of extra water to pour into the caves. The water was already up to my waist in this particular cave, but this extra rain would have forced the shorter people to be piggybacked out.

Aside from the caving, we've had plenty of time in the studio where all of us are formulating ideas for our projects and are coming really close to a final decision on what we want to do. I have been continually taking more pictures and editing them. I am fascinated with the folk tales and so I am creating ideas based on the fairies that cause so much trouble for the Burren.

Ireland sunset

We're heading out to the Aran Islands tomorrow for a couple of days. Super excited! I hope to take pictures of the stars because of the lack of light pollution out there. Hopefully weather permits!

Catch up with you all next week!


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