The Weekly Warmup: Lindsay Williams
Lindsay Williams

Nov. 8, 2012

Welcome to the Weekly Warmup! Each Thursday during the preseason,'s Brad Rudner will sit down with each member of the University of Michigan women's gymnastics team to talk about the preseason training, last season's experience, and what lies ahead for the 2013 season.

This week's edition of the Weekly Warmup features freshman Lindsay Williams (Northville, Mich.).

Brad: How have these first few months of college life been for you?
Lindsay: They've been good. It's an adjustment, obviously, but school and gymnastics are going really well. I enjoy my classes and I really like being a part of this team. Practices have been very fun and energetic.

Brad: You've had two intrasquad performances under your belt. Assess your individual performance.
Lindsay: I think they went pretty well. I made both my uneven bars routines and they improved each time. I made my balance beam routine the second time, which was an improvement. I'm also working on a new last pass on my floor routine. I missed that in the second one, but it is new and it's coming along.

Brad: You're the only person on the roster this year from the state. Tell me how you got the opportunity to be on this team?
Lindsay: At the end of my junior year, Shannon (Welker) saw me at my last competition at the National Invitational Tournament (held at J.O. Nationals), which I won. He called my coach. I came on a visit and loved it. So I decided to come. It's as simple as that.

Brad: When we initially announced you were coming on the team, the coaches said that you were an uneven bars and balance beam specialist. Why those two?
Lindsay: They've always been my best events and I think that's there I'll be primarily this year. I am working hard on floor, but there are a lot of really, really good floor workers on this team, so that's going to be a harder lineup to crack. Maybe eventually, but I don't know about this year. Uneven bars and balance beam have always been the two events I've done the best in.

Brad: What's a unique trait of yours that you bring to this team?
Lindsay: I think I bring a sense of calm to this team. That can help sometimes. For instance, if anyone gets stressed out, having that sense of calm really helps, especially in a competition situation.

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