Postgame Quotes: Villanova 20, Michigan 7

Feb. 22, 2014

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U-M Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla

On playing the program's first game … "We talked in the locker room prior to coming out on the field and I had an emotional moment because it's been 908 days that I've been a part of the University of Michigan. This is obviously my first opportunity to coach so for me it's very special to put on Michigan gear and to see these young women that I spent a long time recruiting be able to do so and get out on the field and compete for the University of Michigan women's lacrosse program."

On aspects of the team's play she was pleased with … "What I liked is that when I look at the stats, the 50/50 balls -- draw controls and ground balls -- those possessions were relatively close in the statistics. And for a young team, that's what you're looking for -- it's the effort, the hustle and the competitiveness. The X's and O's are going to take some time -- the offense we want to run, the defenses we want to run. At this competitive of a level that will take a little bit of time, but get better each and every day."

On having the first game as a bench mark to build off of … "We will break down all aspects of this game footage and use it to broaden their understanding of the he X's and O's. This game will be a huge learning experience for each individual on this team. The effort is there we just need to be more consistent and work harder to reach a different level."

U-M Freshman Tess Korten

On playing the program's first game ... "We've been here for 190-some-odd days. We're all been working hard together, especially in the last couple of weeks gearing up for this game. It means everything to step on the field with these 27 girls, and I wouldn't want to do that with anyone else. It's an amazing feeling playing with these girls and I wouldn't trade it for anything."

On getting the real game experience playing against another team ... "We had a little bit of an experience during the fall playing top-notch teams so we knew that there was nothing we haven't seen coming into this game. We definitely knew and understood that this was going to be a learning experience. We're continuing to put everything that we have on the field, and we just have to keep working harder and harder in practice every single day."

On scoring the program's first goal ... "It hasn't really sunk in. We've mostly just been focusing on what's best for the team and it's amazing to be out on the field with my teammates. It's awesome playing with these girls so I don't really put too much thought into the goal that each of us scores -- it's about what we do together."

On what the team learned in the first game ... "We understand that we can always dig a little deeper and there's always something that we can push further. We know that we work our hardest and there's always going to be someone that's pushing us to go even farther and there's going to be someone there backing us up. We know that we can look to our left and to our right for support so it's great knowing we have such a great support system on this team."

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