Postgame Quotes: Marquette 12, Michigan 10

Feb. 28, 2014

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U-M Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla
On the early lead U-M developed ... "That was great. Wasn't it? I could see it in their eyes -- first home game here at the University of Michigan, which I was really proud to see that they were fired up to come out and show their pride. We were getting the draw and we were moving the ball fast -- we've been working on that all week. We were setting up offensive motions and they were really finding each other. I think we caught Marquette off guard and we were really fired up and ready to go."

On what Marquette did to counter their attack ... "Marquette changed their defense and started putting a little more pressure on us -- pressuring behind and pressuring us out a little bit more and making their presence known. On top of that, we thought 'oh, we're on a five goal run' and fell back on our heels a little bit. It was a combination of the two things, and with a young group unfortunately it just didn't fall our way."

On what the team can learn from a close loss ... "Being that this is just our second game of the season, there is still so much we still need to teach this team, as far as how to finish a game, or if we're losing, how to break a stall. We've gone over all those things, but with a young team, when they're under stress, they don't necessarily execute properly. Strategy, the X's and O's aside, what I saw today was emotion, which was great and we'll draw from that. We've just got to learn the game under pressure and remain confident like we were in the first eight minutes and at other times. When we're really going after it and they're seeing each other, we're in a good place."

On how the team will approach the next week mentally ... "I'm going to refocus them on the fact that this is the University of Michigan. We get to put on the block M every single day and come out and represent Michigan -- what can get better than that. We're Team One! Is this going to be a difficult road for us at certain times of the year? No doubt. But we knew that coming in. We're going to take each day and each experience and learn from it. That's my job is to keep them focused on the right things. We're building a foundation. We need to learn how to win, we need to learn how to lose, we need to learn how to pull out close games. All those things are hard to simulate in practice -- we have them learn in game experiences and that's what we're going to take from each and every one of these games. These young women will grow so much from today until the end of the season, and that foundation we're building will help us so much at this time next year."

U-M Freshman Jess Angerman
On what led to the 5-0 lead early in the game ... "The 27 of us, we all have a really good connection on and off the field, so I think that helps us a lot. I think we came in with emotion and I think we really got it together in the beginning. We might have let it slip a little bit, but I definitely saw a lot of potential and everyone really working together and connecting."

On what adjustment U-M made as Marquette started to come back ... "We talked about winning the draw and that we needed possession because possession wins games. I think the biggest thing was being aggressive and not giving up even if they had the ball."

On staying mentally focused moving forward ... "It was tough with this game, knowing that we had a chance and this is one we really wanted to have under our belts with the win. I don't think anybody put their heads down and coach was really good about pumping us up. We knew we could have come back at any time and it was anyone's game. Staying positive was a really big thing and I think it was reciprocated on both ends of the field and on the coaching staff."

On looking forward to the spring trip in Florida ... "I think everyone is excited to get out of this cold weather and get down south for a little bit. We're excited to get down there and work on the things we've had trouble with these past two games. We know we have a lot of work to do. I think coach (Ulehla) is excited to get us down there and get us focused."

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