Postgame Quotes: #10 Penn State 20, Michigan 7

March 23, 2014


Michigan Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla

On momentum from the Winthrop game carrying over to today ... "One of our goals was to come out from the beginning and play hard. Obviously the score doesn't show that that necessarily happened in the first half, but it felt different. We were able to come up with the first draw and get the ball down and try to execute a play, which unfortunately turned into a turnover -- but to me it seemed a little different. We're making strides, but there's no doubt that we need to get better in many areas. Those kids were really upset after the Winthrop game. That's a learning experience that you don't forget -- that gut feeling inside of you -- and I do believe it made a difference coming into the beginning of today's game."

On more players getting the opportunity to play today ... "It's just about opportunity right now. These kids are earning their right each and every day to be a part of this program. I'm asking them to play a higher pressure defense, work harder in the offense, and our ride is a higher pressure ride, so we have to turn to our bench and really use them. I'm trying to get this team to put their arms around each other and say, 'We're going to do this together.' Getting kids off the field and resting them and being able to get other people in only helps the morale and helps them understand how important each person's role is."

On Anna Schueler's increased offensive production ... "Anna is one of those individuals who hates to lose. She's a competitor and she's getting better each and every day. She's been doing a good job for us on the draw. She's powerful, so for us it's about getting her in the right position. She draws a lot of attention, but she does a good job of handling that pressure. Her fire is fueled by her competitiveness, so each and every game she comes out and wants to make a difference. We need that, and we need that from everybody on this team."

On other players that performed well today ... "Madeline Dion has come a long way, and she's recognizing that she needs to play more confidently and that she can make a difference. I'm very happy to see her working harder to get the ball and then make a difference when she has it. Allison Silber has seen a lot of shots, there's no doubt about it. Today she rebounded well when we got down 8-2. We're working on her mental toughness, and she really rebounded from being in a hole like that. I was really happy to see that and see her 14 saves. Each and every one of them was well earned."

On having a week to prepare for the next game against UC Davis ... "I think a little bit of rest for the legs will go a long way. With a young team, we need to drill a lot and we haven't had the time to do that. When you're preparing every other day for a different game, we're not able to get that in as much. We'll be able to get our game plan set for UC Davis and then work on the things that we need to improve on going into that game, to make sure we're making strides individually and as a team. We'll work on our individual defense and bringing that together into our overall team concept defensively. Our clearing has to improve -- we'll be working a tremendous amount of that. And then with our offense, we have to generate more shots, so we'll be working on that in practice. I think that will increase their confidence going into a big game in the Big House on Sunday that will be very exciting."

U-M Freshman Anna Schueler

On momentum from the Winthrop game carrying over to today ... "I think we saw that carry over into today but not as much as we would have liked. I do think that we came out stronger than we have in a lot of games. They scored two goals and we answered right back. It was definitely an improvement but not where we want to be."

On other improvements made in today's game ... "I think our overall effort improved. I think everyone had heart in this game. Overall that energy from Winthrop carried over and we know what it takes to play at this level. I thought that was definitely an improvement."

On what is allowing her to score more consistently ... "I think it's us working our offense better, and I'm being more aggressive. Girls are getting through and seeing things well. Our team is doing a really good job of helping me get open, so it's not necessarily anything I'm doing differently. Our offense is running a lot more smoothly. We've been working on it a lot in practice so I think that's what is helping."

On having a week to prepare for the next game against UC Davis ... "It will help a lot. We have a whole week of practice, and we have a lot of things we need to work on. A lot of it is little things like turnovers. There are simple fixes we need to make, and I think a week of practice is really going to help going into our game next Sunday."