Postgame Quotes: Michigan 13, California 12 (2OT)

April 12, 2014

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Michigan Head Coach Jennifer Ulehla
On the double overtime experience from UC Davis game ... "It definitely helped, this being the second time that we've won at home in dramatic fashion. We did make a lot of different errors, but they've been through that before and they knew that if we came up big when it really mattered that that was going to be the biggest difference."

On the strategy going into overtime ... "Before going into overtime, I knew we had one timeout. What we talked about then was what we were going to do if we got the ball, going over specific plays and the options that those plays gave them. Then, if we don't get the ball off of the draw, then it was about giving the defense an idea of what Cal would be looking to do and what players they would be looking to go to. I was really proud of the team with how they executed in that second overtime. From a defensive standpoint, we forced them to make mistakes and have turnovers, and we really worked hard to get the ball back and to keep our composure. That allowed our offense enough opportunities in order to execute our offense and finally score a goal."

On the improving team chemistry ... "The individuals in this offense are starting to play much more as a unit. They recognize where strengths are in each other. We do look to set up Tess (Korten) in certain ways and obviously Anna Schueler in other ways, but they've gotten much better at, when those opportunities aren't there, taking it back out and getting the ball to somebody else. One of the things we do need to continue to get better at is not feeling so pushed to get into the play right away. It's about letting it develop, moving the ball around, creating space and then getting into what we want to get into. They want to get into it right away, but when you do that the defense doesn't move and you don't get any movement. We have to continue to work on that, but I'm proud that these individuals are starting to play as a team and they are really showing their fight, especially when it matters."

On how crucial this win was ... "It is monumental. Obviously a win like this, especially at home, against a good team like Cal Berkeley in this fashion, gives us a lot of confidence. Going into the next couple of games, I'm hoping we are really competitive and are able to come out of those games with a couple of W's. We need to make sure we focus on what we are getting out of this season, and making sure that we get better each and every day and really start to develop into lacrosse players as a team. We are going to continue to focus on that going into the ALCs. I think we are starting to come together and really build that foundation and I'm looking forward to these next couple of games."

On the positives and negatives of the game ... "First of all, we have to learn how to come out hard. We have to learn to come out as hard as we possibly can right away. The game was back and forth and it wasn't as if we got ourselves in a hole, but we just had so many different turnovers in the beginning of the game and our execution of our shots was off. Their goalie was playing well, but we just really needed to move her. I want us to get better coming out right away and setting the tone, and not just getting into the game as it develops. At halftime I said to them, 'The bad news is, we just played a very average first half. The good news is, we are only down a goal. So let's make these changes and go out and win this game'. And they did that. They continued to make the adjustments we asked for throughout the second half. It's an experience. They are 27 freshmen, but they also have a tremendous amount of fight and passion and they came up big for us today. We are just going to grow and grow, and continue to get more experienced."

U-M Freshman Jess Angerman
On the similarities to the UC Davis game ... "It definitely felt similar going into overtime, but I think the UC Davis game made us more comfortable being in that position. We knew we just needed to get the draw control, gain possession and finish."

On keeping their composure ... "We knew that as long as we kept our intensity up that we'd be able to force the turnovers and get the ball back on our end. We were confident that the defense could hold them and that (Allison) Silber would come up in the cage with the big saves that we needed. It was just a matter of keeping our intensity up."

On the final timeout and her game-winning goal ... "We just tried to come out and tried to see where everyone was on the field and where everyone's strengths were. So we tried to set-up things like that. We know each other enough that we can figure out where each other want to be. Tess (Korten) just ended up getting the ball behind the net and I knew when to pop and when she could hit me. I was just able to finish."

On her chemistry with Tess Korten ... "It's just the chemistry we've been able to develop this season that we are starting to develop with everyone on the team. Tess (Korten) and I work together a lot on attack, so we are able to find each other and I know that if I throw her a pass, she will catch it, even if she is covered. I'm comfortable passing to her and she knows where I want to be and when I want the ball, which goes to show you the chemistry we have developed."

On their goals for the rest of the season ... "We definitely want to go into the rest of the season really strong and come out with a few more wins. Our main goal right now is just to play our hardest and come out with as many wins as possible for the rest of the season."