101 Ways to Get to Know Women's Lacrosse: 69-66

Jan. 16, 2013

Every other week, the women's lacrosse staff will countdown 101 ways to help you get to know the program before the first team steps foot on campus in August 2013. Go Blue!

69. What goes into the thought process of developing the schedule for the inaugural season?
"Developing the schedule for our first season has been an exciting yet time consuming process. I am a firm believer that you must play the best to be the best and although our schedule will be challenging, especially for a first year program, it is exactly the right balance of teams to help us learn and grow while building a solid foundation for the future. We will play a healthy combination of programs in three categories: top ranked teams who historically have been competing for conference and national championships; teams who consistently rank in the top 15-30 range, depending on the strength of their team that season; teams whose programs are developing similar to ours. We look forward to the official release of our schedule!" - Coach Ulehla

68. What are you doing/will you do to help build team chemistry prior to Team One arriving on campus?
"Team One has already started building chemistry on their own through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. They are a tightly knit group, always looking for the next opportunity to plan to get together. I am sure they will continue spending time together during their high school lacrosse seasons or whenever they know their paths will cross. They began bonding during their junior year but really hit it off at our overnight summer camp and on their official visits this fall. It is my understanding that they have already set lofty goals for our team! As a coach you couldn't ask for more at this point. Chemistry starts with recruiting the right type of student-athletes and parents who have the same core values and goals. Add in the right mix of personalities, and you have a strong foundation to build upon." - Coach Ulehla

67. How will you approach team leadership with 28 freshmen on the roster?
"It's definitely a unique situation having 28 freshmen and no upperclassman leadership, and we will be doing some very strategic team-building activities throughout the entire year to set the leadership foundation. This includes individual development, as well as working on team leadership. We are lucky that Coach Ulehla had a similar experience while helping to build the program at Florida a few years ago because she was able to learn firsthand what worked and what could use improvement and we will be able to make those adjustments with our Team One. No matter what approach we take with team leadership it will be a process that we will focus on and incorporate each and every day into everything we do. " - Coach Valore

66. Where will Team One play its home games?
"We are thrilled to be one of the few teams at Michigan to ever be able to set foot on the field of the Big House to play a game. It's history on top of history! While our future facility is in development, the Big House will be our home -- and what a home it is! Not only does this site hold a tremendous amount of history and tradition, it sets the stage for a Wow! experience too. Whether it is the team running down the infamous tunnel to make their entrance to the field or the opportunity to showcase our sport on the giant video boards during the game, the Big House will provide 'Big' excitement for teams and fans alike." - Coach Valore

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