Regan: On the Record -- A Lift to Remember, Mott, The Countdown
Regan Anderson

Feb. 19, 2014

Throughout U-M's inaugural 2014 women's lacrosse season, freshman defender Regan Anderson will give Wolverine fans and inside look into the program and life as first-year collegiate student-athletes. In this edition of Regan: On the Record, she'll also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Wolverines off the field in her latest video masterpiece.

A few updates from Team One:

A theme we've been focusing on this spring is competition, and it starts with us pushing each other, and ourselves, every day in practice. A few weeks ago, an especially rambunctious Allie Breitfeller showed up to lifting and all 5-1 of her called out Tess Korten to a curl and press off, kicked Anna's (Schueler) butt in overhead sit-ups and challenged me to jump rope for speed. I lost ... but I'm requesting a rematch. It was definitely a lift to remember.

Some other moments for the history books include the "braveheart drill" between Tess and Kim Coughlan at the end of practice, and in front of the entire men's lacrosse team, a few weeks ago. It was a ferocious battle, and one particularly questionable check was thrown, but Kim came out as the victor. Sara Beach shocked the lacrosse world with her explosiveness off the line in our ground ball competition, because when there is a Team One wall decal on the line, everyone gets particularly rowdy. And finally, we all pushed ourselves mentally and physically to pass our first run test of the spring and then blasted "We Are Family" in Oosterbaan to celebrate.

We also started a new tradition called "Secret Cupids" -- which is our Valentine's twist on Secret Santa. It was basically just an excuse for us to consume an absurd amount of sugar.

Another thing we've been doing as a team is reaching out to the community. We participated in National Girls and Women in Sports Day, where we got to meet young girls from all over Michigan and teach them a few lacrosse basics. We also had an open practice where fans could come and watch us play, we filmed a promo video that will be shown at our home games in the Big House, and we signed autographs at the sold-out Michigan men's basketball game against Wisconsin. All this has been so much fun, but one of my favorite experiences happens every Thursday night. This past week a couple of us, including myself, had the privilege of going to Mott Children's Hospital, with an organization called Michigan from the Heart, to meet and spend time playing with some amazing kids and their families. It was an incredible experience and one that really gave us an understanding and appreciation for everything we have here at Michigan. Overall this past month has been a crazy, but so much fun, and now only days away from our first game we could not be more excited to play!

THREE DAYS! The countdown clock hanging on the wall in our locker room is a great reminder! There is so much excitement in the air and hopefully this video can capture a little piece of that. Brian Archer, blogger for the men's lacrosse team, and I have unofficially declared a "blog off" and hopefully this video will give me the edge:

» Preparing for Season One (YouTube)

Go Blue!


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