Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Brooke Pancoast
Brooke Pancoast

Feb. 21, 2014

Freshman Brooke Pancoast discusses what it means to be a part of Team One, what the team has been focusing on this week in practice and the opportunity to play the first game in her hometown.

On what made her want to be part of the first women's lacrosse team at Michigan ... "I really loved the idea of having all underclassmen and having teammates that are all my age and all equal. We have the opportunity to make a name for ourselves and contribute right away. It was cool to know that we could make a made a difference the first year and we're expected to do that."

On goals for a young team ... "I think that being a new team at Michigan, we want to strive to be the best. Even though we're young, we have goals and expectations for ourselves this year. We want to be good this year and we want to be good next year. We're not going to wait until we're older and have experience. We're ready to go now."

On preparing to play the first game in program history ... "It means so much to all of us. Coach (Ulehla) said to us the other night that she's been on campus for more than 900 days, and we've been here for more than 100. We've been waiting for this moment and it's really exciting. This is what we've been working for the whole time. We've had a lot of ups and some downs and we're really excited to get started."

On realizing the significance of being Team One ... "Sometimes it kind of goes over my head, but once in a while I think about how cool this is and what an exciting opportunity this is. A lot of times I look at other teams here at Michigan that have team 100-something; that's when I think about how long ago their Team One played their first game and what that's going to be like for us in 100 years."

On playing the first game in her hometown of Villanova, Pa. ... "It's really exciting because I know my family and a lot of my high school teammates will be there. It's really great that I get to share this with them, along with all my new teammates and new friends. For them to be there and support me means a lot. I think it will make me feel comfortable -- it should be a special day."

On things the team has been focusing on this week ... "We've been talking a lot about what an opportunity we have in front of us and that we have a chance to win our first game. We've been working really hard for this and this is what it comes down to. We have to be focused and prepared and make sure we bring a lot of energy for our first game."

On improvements the defense has made in a short amount of time ... "There were a lot of things we needed to improve upon because putting seven new girls together on defense is challenging. The big thing for us was communication because it wasn't easy for us to put ourselves out there right way and speak loudly. We've gotten so much better and that and it's helping a lot. Our team defense has gotten a lot better, which will be really important for us this season."

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