Team One Travels: Airport Delays, Hotel Surprises, Game One

Feb. 25, 2014

Following each road game during U-M's inaugural season, a different Wolverine will provide fans a behind-the-scenes look at Team One's on- and off-field experiences away from home. Fans can follow the team on the road with this interactive Google Map, which will be updated with recaps, photos and more, along the way!

Team One has been looking forward to kicking off the season since the day we' stepped on campus. The moment Alec (Zimmerman -- our Director of Operations and team dad) sent out the itinerary for the trip, reality began to set in. Thanks to our experience traveling in the fall, we understand Alec isn't joking when he says "Bus rolls at 12pm!" Everyone was in high spirits on the way to DTW, especially Coach U, who sat at the back of the bus next to Kim Coughlan (who coach swears will be on SNL one day). As we all piled off the bus, coach Ancarrow realized she forgot Chester (a squishy chipmunk that gets her through her fear of flying) we all knew it would be an interesting trip. Although there was a four-hour delay, coach Valore bought some Maize and Blue nail polish to keep us occupied. After some studying (or napping for Kim Coughlan), a competitive game of Odds began. Among the losers were Anna Schueler, who had to stand on a chair singing Hail to the Victors at our gate, and Amanda Sutor, who had to remain in a "split" position on the moving walkway for what seemed like five full minutes. If you feel left out, don't worry, Regan (Anderson) has it all on film.

Team One Travels
Team One banner from the parents at the hotel.

Fast forward and we're walking into the hotel where we were greeted by goody bags and a huge Team One banner, thanks to our biggest fans, the parents. We were also surprised with new Team One beanies and pre-game shooting shirts. After our shake down with coach Ashley (Jackson) and a chalk talk, we were free to spend time with family and friends.

Feb 22. This is the day we've all been waiting for. In the hours leading up to the game there was so much emotion and it was great to see how close our team has gotten.Although everyone was excited to get on the field, coach U was still able to "sense" the nerves in the locker room. Right before heading out onto the field coach reminded us to really take in the moment. Warm ups went well and were concluded with a pep talk from Dave Brandon himself. It was unbelievable to step on the field with my teammates knowing everything we've worked for and all that we've been through. It's a feeling hard to explain.

Tess KortenTeam One Team Photo
Tess Korten celebrates after scoring the program's first goal 32 seconds into the game.Team One following the program's first game at Villanova.

After the game, although we were on a tight schedule, we spent much needed time with family and friends until we had to head off to the airport for our departure. Everything was running smoothly until Alec came across some trouble checking our bags in. Luckily Alec has a lot more patience than everyone on the team and the coaches combined, otherwise we probably would've never boarded our flight! To top off the trip we flew home on a tiny plane and between the turbulence and coach A's seat in the exit row, she was on the verge of tears. Luckily we all made it back to AA safely ... with the exception of Margaret's (Metzger) bag.

Stay tuned for the next Team One Travels blog next week after our game at Jacksonville!

Go Blue!