Regan: On the Record -- Routines, A Couple of Firsts, Florida
Regan Anderson

March 4, 2014

Throughout U-M's inaugural 2014 women's lacrosse season, freshman defender Regan Anderson will give Wolverine fans and inside look into the program and life as first-year collegiate student-athletes. 

The Road to Villanova:
Everyone has their routine when we get to the airport and the four hour flight delay out of Detroit gave us some extra downtime, which everyone was sure to take advantage of. For Kelly Schlansker and I, we spent it watching USA hockey; Emily Braun taught everyone how to play a new card game; DJ Jess Angerman mixed some sick new tracks for our warm-up playlist, and Coach Valore painted her nails Maize and Blue in honor of Game One. Whenever we travel as a team in our matching sweat suits we get stopped frequently and asked what sport we play and/or we get a friendly, "Good Luck and Go Blue!" So far we've been mistaken for volleyball (which still confuses me considering half our team is under 5'5"), soccer, dance, and most recently, curling, thanks to the Sochi Olympics.

Everyone's pregame routine is even more important than the one in the airport and before Game One the atmosphere in the locker room was both nervous and excited. Hair was being braided into perfect ponytails, and I sat watching, taking it all in for a moment as everyone tried as best we could to suppress our nerves. Coach U reminded us how hard we all had worked and waited for this moment and even got a little teary eyed thinking about what that game meant for all of us and we took the field with that in mind. Our families traveled, some from down the street, and some from across the county to see us play and now it all came down to the next 60 minutes.

It was a valiant effort and a great display of the heart and hustle we have as a team. We took from that game so many things that we can learn and improve on, but we weren't satisfied just stepping on the field. We all felt that as hard as we pushed, that game didn't fairly represent what we were capable of. The focus in the huddle after the game ... practice on Monday, and bringing that same energy and intensity so that we can get better. It's crazy how that experience and competing for the first time together bought us so much closer as a team and after that we were hungry for a win.

Our First Home Game:
The pregame forecast: sunny and 70 in Oosterbaan Field House. The days leading up to the game were filled with anxiousness and anticipation. We have a house to protect now and the idea of that lit a fire under all of us.

We came out strong with lots of energy and were able to get on the scoreboard quickly, but unfortunately we were unable to finish the game as strong as we started. It left a very uncomfortable knot in our stomachs, a sting that is still lingering for many of us. But we're taking that feeling and using it as fuel.

In other news ... We've made some new discoveries that I should keep you up to date on ... Brooke Pancoast can do an excellent impression of Juan Pablo from The Bachelor. Amanda Sutor is perfecting the splits and is making substantial progress every day, and our team is single-handedly keeping both Starbucks and self-tanner in business.

With our bikinis packed and the sunscreen already on, we boarded our flight yesterday, ready to get out of the snow and soak up some sunshine in Florida for the next week!

Until next time ... Go Blue!


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