Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Lauren Oberlander
Lauren Oberlander

March 4, 2014

Freshman Lauren Oberlander discusses what the team learned from its close loss against Marquette, as well as the on- and off-field chemistry of the 27 freshmen, and shares her favorite Team One moment to date.

On what the team learned from the Marquette game ... "We talked about a lot of things after that game. We talked about offense and how we have to move the ball quicker, stay spread and make sure we're seeing the open girls on back door cuts and things like that. For defense, we talked about communicating a lot better, pressuring out on the ball more, making sure that we're getting our slides faster and making sure everyone is marked up. That game helped us grow as a team. It was our first home game and since it was a close game, it kind of boosted our confidence because it showed that the game doesn't know that we're all freshmen and that we have the opportunity to do well. We know that down the road as we continue to grow, we have the opportunity to improve and win games like that."

On her first career hat trick against Marquette ... "It means a lot, especially since it was my first collegiate goal and also my first hat trick. It helps me look toward the future and makes me want to continue to make a difference and help our team."

On the things they're preparing for against Jacksonville ... "We've talked about a couple of their main attackers and how they spread out -- we need to make sure we notice the 1 vs. 1's and watch our slides a lot more. We've learned from watching the Marquette film also that our slides need to be there faster. On attack, we're working on stay spread, looking for our cutters and making sure that we're moving the ball well."

On spending a week in Florida ... "It's really nice to step away from Ann Arbor for a little bit. There's definitely a change in the temperature so that's always helpful. It's nice to be around everyone and from our team to spend more time together. It's a great experience just hanging out at the hotel and being away from the routine that we're used to."

On the team's off-field chemistry ... "Off the field, it's really important for us to stay close and talk to each other, especially because it helps us get more comfortable with each other. I think right now, our whole team has become really comfortable and it's become really helpful on the field. I can notice our chemistry now a lot more compared to the fall -- in the fall we weren't that close and everything was so new. Things are really clicking and everyone is feeling really comfortable."

On her favorite Team One moment so far ... "My favorite experience was probably our first game at Villanova; our first goal especially. The first play of that game there was a caused turnover and then a pass and an assist and then right to a goal. That was probably the best experience, having everyone so excited, and seeing the season opening up and that we came out so strong. It was a great starter for our season."

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