Team One Travels: The Program's First Spring Break
Anna Schueler

March 10, 2014

Following each road game during U-M's inaugural season, a different Wolverine will provide fans a behind-the-scenes look at Team One's on and off field experiences away from home. Fans can follow the team on the road with this interactive Google Map, which will be updated with recaps, photos and more, along the way!

Freshman Anna Schueler pens the second edition of the Team One Travels blog in diary format, detailing each day of Team One's spring break trip to Florida.

Monday, March 3:
The day began with 7 a.m. practice and a 9:30 a.m. departure from Ann Arbor. Luckily for our sake, and more importantly for Alec's (Zimmerman) sake, there was no five-hour delay like the Villanova trip. The next stop was a connecting flight in Atlanta, where Kelly Schlansker took her first ride on a train to our gate (I know, she needs to get out more). We arrived to 72-degree weather in Jacksonville, Fla., and half the team ran outside without getting their bags, as many of us had forgotten what it was like to be outside without ski masks and winter coats on.

Tuesday, March 4:
Tuesday morning brought 40-degree temperatures and the realization that the weather is not always perfect in Florida. After a delicious breakfast, we departed for practice at Jacksonville University, where we prepared for our upcoming battle against Jacksonville the following evening. After a great practice we bussed back to the hotel to shower up for dinner at the Chart House, where we enjoyed a delicious meal and scavenged any piece we could get of Hadie's (Evarts) single slice of birthday cake, as we were convinced we wouldn't survive without any sugar for the night.

Wednesday, March 5: Game Day against Jacksonville
It was finally game day, the real reason we were in Florida. We awoke again to 40-degree temps and light rain but we were used to that "cold" weather, while most Floridians (including Jacksonville) were ready to declare a winter weather warning, so we would use this to our advantage. We had a light walk thru at Jacksonville in the afternoon, where we walked the field, got some shots in, and loosened up in preparation for our game that evening. We had a few hours to eat and rest, but 7 p.m. rolled around before we knew it and the lights came on at Southern Oak Stadium. It was 50 degrees with a slight breeze at game time -- perfect lacrosse weather.

Team One
Team One Group Photo

Both teams fought hard and had their share of tumbles on the slippery ground, including our very own Kelly Kubach whose fall will go down as one of the greatest wipeouts of all time. Although we came up short of the victory at the final horn, there was a lot to be learned. We played all 60 minutes with great effort and passion and are improving with every game we play.

Thursday, March 6:
Our time in Jacksonville was up and we headed to Gainesville first thing in the morning. We arrived in Gainesville ready to attack the next purpose of our trip, taking on Florida. We had a quick lunch and headed to practice to begin preparation for our game Saturday afternoon. We went through our normal warm-up and were pleasantly surprised with one of Coach Jackson's lovely core circuits. We needed to be beach body ready for whenever the sun did come out. After practice, we bussed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner with our parents. Dinner brought many laughs and good eats, but mostly, a ridiculous amount of spills, starting with me spilling my water glass of water all over my shirt and floor, followed by three others within the next five minutes (things like that always come in threes). Our waiters were thrilled.

Friday March 7:
Friday morning began with breakfast and a tour of the University of Florida's football stadium led by our very own Alec Zimmerman. After multiple Tebow poses and pictures with the gator statue out front, we hopped back on the bus to go back to the hotel. The bus ride from the football stadium to the hotel could have been the best part of the trip, as most of the girls were called up to the microphone to tell a joke. Margaret Metzger started us off with a bang followed by Madeline Dion and Jess Angerman, who unfortunately told the worst jokes ever... then came Emma Guarino. We didn't really know what to expect from Emma, but she was prepared and with impeccable delivery she told one of the funniest stories I have ever heard, leading to many of us bent over in laughter with tears in our eyes. Practice followed and afterwards we had an early dinner at the hotel.

Team One Touring 'The Swamp'

After dinner, we piled in to one of the meeting rooms and watched one of the best movies ever, Friday Night Lights, as a team which bonded us more than ever. We connected in many ways to the movie and it only motivated us for our game against Florida the following day.

Saturday March 8: Game Day against Florida
Saturday morning brought 70-degree weather and sunny skies -- our first day of sun since we had arrived (of course on our last day). While the beautiful weather lightened everyone's mood, we had a game to focus on. Going into the game, like every game, we knew the only thing we could control was our effort. Florida is an established team, much bigger, and very talented, but we had nothing to lose. Our first half was a wakeup call. We went into the game scared and it showed, and it had to change. The second half brought that change -- we toughened up and played with heart, which is what we had to do from the start. The game against Florida was a learning experience. There will be many teams we play this season that are bigger and more experienced, but that is out of our control. What we can control is our passion and effort and that is something we have to bring to every game. The rest of the afternoon consisted of a quick swim in the freezing cold pool, which was considered our ice bath, and a final dinner with the parents before we headed back. Back at the hotel, we thought it would be smart to pile 15 people into an elevator which, of course, got stuck between floors, but don't worry, Coach Ancarrow took a fantastic selfie that captures it all. The evening ended with the coaches surprising us with mini pints of ice cream and a wrap-up team talk. Curfew was early, as Sunday morning wake up was at 5:30 a.m. to head back to work in Ann Arbor.

Our next road trip is to Baltimore, Md., this weekend to play Johns Hopkins on Sunday (March 16). Stay tuned to see who pens our next Team One Travels blog.

Go Blue!


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