Team One Travels: Big House Practice, Hometown Visits, St. Patty's Day

March 17, 2014

Following each road game during U-M's inaugural season, a different Wolverine will provide fans a behind-the-scenes look at Team One's on and off field experiences away from home. Fans can follow the team on the road with this interactive Google Map, which will be updated with recaps, photos and more, along the way!

In the third edition of the Team One Travels blog, freshman Allison Silber gives a behind-the-scenes look at the team's trip to her hometown of Baltimore, Md., to face Johns Hopkins.

Saturday morning, before heading to the airport, we had our first practice outside in the Big House. The weather was beautiful and we all just took in the historical moment of the first women's team practicing in the Big House. After a great, energized practice we had to find all of the lacrosse balls that had been imbedded in the snow banks surrounding the field and decided to chuck some snowballs at each other while we were at it.

We then started our trip to Hopkins. Traveling back home to Baltimore, where five of us, including myself are from, was a good trip to hold us over until we go back home for the summer in a few months. Plus, we all love when we have the chance to play outside. There is just something about playing under the sun in the fresh air that makes us all so ecstatic. So our walk-thru Saturday night on Hopkins' Homewood Field was a great way to shake out our legs after traveling and soak up the much-missed warmth in the sunny, 60-degree weather.

After our walk-thru, it was time to drive through Baltimore and Towson to get to the hotel. Us Marylanders loved seeing all of the familiar sights and knowing where we were, and we kept showing things to the team. Emma Guarino was excited to point out her high school during the drive. Sara Beach took it to a whole other level, by stating, "that's my Party City, that's my Rita's, that's my bowling alley, etc." Once we got to the hotel the adventure continued. Allie Breitfeller constructed a magnificent mash potato Big House with broccoli for the turf. Some parents came to visit and the hotel and a few people on the team got to see their dogs. Everyone was drawn to the dogs since we all miss our pets while we're away.

When game day finally rolled around, we were excited to take the field against Hopkins. It was a tough decision whether or not to wear cold gear, since it was 35 degrees. And yes, 35 degrees sounds cold but it feels like spring to us -- hence our dilemma. Brooke Pancoast got us pumped up for the game by chanting, "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose" in our huddle because she lost in our usual continuation of the game "Odds." We then took the field to play Hopkins. It was a tough battle, but we will learn from the experience as we have from others.

After the game we got to see our families and friends at the awesome tailgate. The parents had goodie bags for us with sandwiches, cookies, scratch offs, St. Patty's Day headbands, green bagels and a bunch of other little gifts. It was like a Christmas stocking, digging into the bag and finding more and more treats. And, as usual, the food at the tailgate was perfect. You can't go to Baltimore and not have Berger's Cookies or Maryland crab cakes, and that is exactly what was there for us at the tailgate. There was also a ton of other food, including Natalie Carti's grandmother's delicious cannolis. We didn't want to say goodbye to our families, but it was time to head to the airport en route to Ann Arbor. We all sported our green St. Patty's Day headbands in the airport, which is probably the only time we will ever wear something green while traveling. It was a great trip, but it's good to be back home and we are ready to continue working hard for our next game against Winthrop.

We're on the road again this weekend, heading to Penn State on our first bus trip of the season, so I'm sure there will be plenty for the next blogger to share -- stay tuned!

Go Blue!