Regan: On the Record -- El Casa Grande, Bus Ride, Shoutouts
Regan Anderson

March 28, 2014

Throughout U-M's inaugural 2014 women's lacrosse season, freshman defender Regan Anderson will give Wolverine fans an inside look into the program and life as first-year collegiate student-athletes. In this edition of Regan: On the Record, she'll also provide a behind-the-scenes look at the Wolverines off the field in her latest video masterpiece.

The pregame speech in the locker room before our first game in the Big House against Winthrop was short and simple and went something like this ... "Team Uno ... Game Uno ... en el casa grande." I don't know much Spanish (even though I live an hour from the Mexican border in California), but I think that translates to, "Team One...Game the Big House." It was truly inspirational.

Practicing every day in the Big House has been both unreal and windy. Somehow the Big House is like a big wind bowl and no matter how nice it is out that day it's always a little chilly at practice with temperatures hovering at 21 degrees. The other day we all had to wear latex surgical gloves under our game gloves and even still I was sure Christie, our athletic trainer, was going to have to amputate a few of my fingers post practice. Even still, we all felt #blessed to be able to play while snow was falling from the sky, because who wouldn't want to do that the last week of March. We've even had a few visitors at our practices in the Big House. Various tour groups from all over have come through to take selfies in the stadium, a few of which have been photo bombed, somewhat intentionally, by members of Team One.

But practice is one thing -- playing a game under the lights and running out of the tunnel as a team was an experience I can't accurately capture in words. During warm-ups, while we were laying on the turf doing leg swings, I reminded everybody that THE Tom Brady sweat on that field -- it took several girls a few seconds to get up after that comment. Some people dream of seeing a game played in that stadium ... well, we might not be football, but if you're one of those people, there are about 115,000 seats open at our home games and we'd love to have you!

Quick shout-out to Alec, our director of operations, for always making sure things run smoothly, for getting us to Penn State in one piece last weekend, and for making sure we had plenty of Luna bars to get us through the trip. Shoutout to the random pit stop in Ohio on the ride there that provided a much-needed Starbucks rush. Another shout-out to Kelly Schlanker who made a great pillow for the whole seven-hour drive to Penn State until she realized I was drooling on her. Shout-out to whoever thought it was a good idea to stop and pick up dinner for 40 people from Chipotle on the bus ride home when we were still two hours from Ann Arbor. Shoutout to Natalie Carti's grandma who makes the most ridiculous cannolis. A huge thank you to Emily and Torrey, our video coordinators, who film our games and practices and within minutes have them 'pushed' (uploaded) to our individual team iPads. And finally, shoutout to Whitney Dixon, our media relations coordinator who keeps us all in check and who always provides a good laugh on travel trips. Team One couldn't function without all these people behind the scenes.

Go Blue!


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