Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Jess Angerman
Jess Angerman

April 4, 2014

Freshman Jess Angerman reflects on the program's first win and discusses how the team is preparing to play its final six regular-season games together as Team One, starting at Navy on Saturday (April 5).

On her thoughts on the team's first win after letting it set in ... "It was nice to finally get our first win under our belts, especially in the Big House. It might have taken a little longer than we would have liked, but it was definitely really exciting. Just because we were halfway through our season definitely didn't dull down the excitement at all -- we were all really pumped up. It was great being on our field and being able to interact with the fans at our autograph signing afterwards."

On a different vibe in the locker room after the first win ... "I think it definitely gave some people the confidence that we needed. It was always in the back of our minds that we hadn't won a game yet, so winning against UC Davis definitely helped push us a little more in practice going in to Ohio State. I think we might have gotten caught up in the win a little bit and lost sight of what we were supposed to be doing to prepare for Ohio State."

On moving forward after the loss to Ohio State ... "Unfortunately we are going to have those games where we kind of lose sight of what we were meant to do and lose sight of the game plan and don't play to our full ability. It was a wakeup call for us because we realized in the first 10 minutes that we could have competed with Ohio State. Now going into Navy, everyone realizes that we need to play 100 percent for the full 60 minutes and we really come out hard against Navy."

On focusing on the positive things that led the team to its first win ... "We definitely try to focus on the things we've done well and learn from that and progress rather than just looking at all the things we didn't do well. We'll look at both sides -- what we've done right and the things we need to work on. We can always build upon the things that we've really learned how to do well."

On helping the team refocus for the game at Navy as a member of the leadership council ... "A big thing for us is trying to get everyone on the same page. We try to incorporate a lot of people and put them in leadership positions. Even if they're not on the leadership council, we want to empower other people to realize we do have the potential and get that to infiltrate throughout the entire team."

On her favorite Team One memory to date ... "It would have to be that first goal we had at Villanova. I always send Tess (Korten) the link to that video -- it gets me so excited and I watch it before every game. Other than that, just traveling with this team -- we always have so many fun memories."

On having six regular-season games left with Team One ... "We always try to remind everyone that we only have about a month left where it's just going to be Team One. Next year there are going to be new freshmen and we're going to be sophomores and it just won't be the same. We've been trying to work on our connection throughout the season and we've realized it's either now or never. We really need to work hard and continue to come together as a team in these last few games to leave our mark as the first women's lacrosse team at Michigan."

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