Team One Travels: Learning Experiences, Charter Flight, Advice
Kelly Kubach

April 11, 2014

Following each road game during U-M's inaugural season, a different Wolverine will provide fans a behind-the-scenes look at Team One's on and off field experiences away from home. Fans can follow the team on the road with this interactive Google Map, which will be updated with recaps, photos and more, along the way!

Hi fans, I know you have all been dying to hear more about Team One travels, and I'm sorry we have kept you waiting, but it's been a busy past couple of weeks. This past weekend we took on a tough, experienced team, led by the winningest collegiate women's lacrosse coach in the nation. However, if you ask me, no one could match up with Coach Jenny U's game plan. We caught Navy off guard with a great game plan, along with a lot of heart and passion, but unfortunately we fell short with our execution. The game was back-and-forth from the start to the finish, but no matter what lead they had on us, we kept fighting back together; something we as a team haven't see in ourselves thus far. Instead of shutting down, we came together as a unit and battled until the last second.

Yes it was an upsetting loss, but a great learning experience, and a glimpse of the future of this program. We started to understand what was needed to beat a great team, and most importantly, we learned that we -- Team One, 27 freshmen -- had the ability to do so. That feeling will stick with us for the rest of our journey.

Our week didn't end there. We quickly had to bounce back from the weekend and prepare for our midweek game against Brown. This trip was a unique one, and another one of our "firsts". We had the incredible privilege to ride our very own charter plane. As we boarded the plane, although it was awesome, it was not quite how we originally imagined it: Fergie's "Glamorous" blasting in the background, hair blowing in the wind, with our shades on. Instead, it was more like all wind, hair blowing in our mouth, and no music.

Team One Team PhotoTeam One Team Photo
Team One warming up for its game at NavyTeam One boarding its charter flight to Brown

All jokes aside, it was a great experience, and another opportunity to experience just how great Michigan is and how privileged we are to be a part of this University and this team. On the flip side, we also learned how hard we must work day in and day out to give back to Michigan. We came to Brown low on energy and quickly let them take the lead on us. It was 4-0 within the first 10 minutes of the game, and although we fought back and went on a scoring run to cut the score by three with about sixteen minutes left in the game, we ultimately fell to Brown, 19-10. It was a disappointing loss for Team One, but proved to be another great learning experience.

A good friend of ours Eric (Kapitulik), from The Program, who we trained with in the beginning of the year came to watch us play and gave us some great advice. In our pregame speech Eric said to us, "It is not effort we must give in a game, effort is a given, it is the ability to take strain from our teammates." Secondly, after a hard loss, he left us with a thought that stuck with us all, "When a team wins they aren't as good as they are made out to be, but at the same time, when a team losses, they also aren't as bad either." And we aren't, Team One will keep battling, we will continue to learn and strive to represent Michigan women's lacrosse with pride.

Until next time, beat Cal.

#15 Kelly Kubach