Regan: On the Record -- Win Streak, Passion, Learning Experiences
Regan Anderson

April 18, 2014

Throughout U-M's inaugural 2014 women's lacrosse season, freshman defender Regan Anderson will give Wolverine fans an inside look into the program and life as first-year collegiate student-athletes.

We finally pulled off a few wins and are now on the longest winning streak in Michigan women's lacrosse history -- two games! And although we like to keep things interesting with our first two wins in double overtime, it feels good to win a game in regulation too! I was just glad we beat Detroit because some of the girls had started making fun of the fact that our only wins were against California teams (nothing against the great state). We fought hard against UC Davis and may have gotten a little too excited because we stormed the field early, which was kind of embarrassing. We fought back against cancer and won our inaugural Pink Game in dramatic fashion ... pun intended ;) ... and we won the "state championship" against Detroit this past Wednesday in our first win on the road. The heart and passion that this team has is more apparent than ever and were hungry to finish the season strong.

My last written blog ... wow our first year of college flew by! At first as I sat in my dorm room brainstorming all the things I could write about, I was surprisingly drawing a blank. I've already filled you in on our nicknames, our silly jokes, and what happens behind the scenes, so what else is there to tell? Then I thought I could write a whole blog of Amanda Sutor's infamous 'one-liners', but I probably wouldn't do them justice, so I'll wrap up similar to the way I started ...

We've learned a lot in a year. We learned how to suck it up and get in the ice bath no matter how cold. We learned how to show up on time in the proper attire. We learned to remember our IDs when we travel (some of us are still working on that). We learned how to nap in the most unconventional places and at the most obscure times. We learned how to put a sweatshirt on underwater, which is a skill I hope I never have to use again. We learned how to add in the weight room when the bar is 35 pounds and our sheet says 95. We've learned how to play in the snow, and the rain, and the sun. We've learned to love the groutfit (our grey sweat suits) and turkey avocado sandwiches. We've learned how to register for classes and that Angie, our academic advisor, is an angel. We've learned to always pack extra snacks. We've learned that winning is fun, and loosing helps you learn and grow. We've learned how to sing The Victors enthusiastically and with pride. We've learned how to perfect our signatures, especially when signing T-shirts or rally towels. We learned to put Team One in front everything (example: Team One Game One, Team One Win One, Team One Charter Flight One). We learned what not to wear to the back-to-school student-athlete luau when we showed up as a team completely overdressed -- and then we showed up to the scholar-athlete banquet slightly undressed after that scarring experience.

But most importantly we've learned to love each other, and as a team we've grown so much in the past year, on and off the field. We have a few more regular-season games and then we'll bus off to Chicago for the ALC tournament -- our first and last as we join the Big Ten Conference next fall. We're so excited to watch this team grow and were confident that the foundation we laid this year will set a great tone for the future of this program. We may just be a group of 27 freshmen, but we're proud to wear the block M on our chests, and we play for each other and for Michigan.

I have one more video before I go so stay tuned for the end of the year banquet video soon!



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