Wolverine Athlete Spotlight: Tess Korten
Tess Korten

April 30, 2014

Tournament Preview

Freshman Tess Korten talks about winning her first ALC Rookie of the Week honor, as well as two awards at the team's awards banquet, and previews U-M's upcoming ALC Tournament matchup with Ohio State.

On being named ALC Rookie of the Week ... "I was definitely excited, but so many people on our team, especially Jess (Angerman) and Anna (Schueler) and some other girls on offense, deserve it just as much."

On her increased production in the second half of the season ... "I think the tough games that we had in the beginning of the season definitely helped our team come together and our offense gel more. It also helped with the development of our plays. Everyone is working together a lot more and everyone knows each other's strengths and weaknesses. We're all helping each other out. Coach U (Ulehla) has also helped us a lot individually. She has pointed out what we need to work on, and how we can work with other people in the offense and the midfield, and pull out our individual strengths."

On receiving the PRIDE Award at the team banquet and the importance of strength and conditioning ... "We definitely have a lot of work to do, especially because we're all freshmen. I think everything we do off the field in order to prepare for our games is really important because we are definitely at a disadvantage playing against these experienced teams. Whatever we can do to prepare ourselves for these games will help us."

On being selected by her teammates to receive the HAIL Award ... "It's definitely really nice that my teammates voted me for this award. My teammates look at me for leadership so I'm happy that my actions are really speaking to them."

On learning what it means to be a Michigan student-athlete this year ... "It's definitely been difficult, especially in the beginning of the year, but I've learned a lot throughout the year, being a student-athlete year. It's helpful looking to the other student-athletes, not just those on our team, especially since we don't have any older girls. The whole community is so supportive and helpful towards our entire team being a start-up program. It's a great experience being able to play at this level and be a student here at Michigan."

On what the Leadership Council spoke about at the team banquet ... "In our speech we talked about Season One and the development of our team through the fall and everything that we went through together -- starting with stepping on campus when we had no idea what we were doing, all the way through the development that we've seen as a team to this point. We also included some memories that only Team One will experience because we didn't have anyone to look up to and show us the way. Most importantly, we wanted to thank everyone who really helped our team prosper this season."

On her favorite Team One memory to this point ... "I think all of the trips that we've been on -- there's not a specific memory -- but all the trips we've been on have been really fun and a good team bonding experience. It really started with our spring trip to Florida. That was early in our season when we were still looking up to those teams and almost idolizing them, but I think we've come a long way in that now we go onto the field knowing that we can compete with these teams."

On playing Ohio State for a second time in the ALC Tournament ... "Obviously we were pumped up going into the Ohio State game the first time we played them. After the game, we were pretty disappointed with the way we came out and the way we handled some situations. We didn't really execute some of our plays well. After that game we were all like, 'Wow, we wish we could play that game over' -- because we did not prove who Michigan lacrosse is. That was a poor showing of our team. We're pretty excited that we have another chance to play them tomorrow because we will get to show what our team is all about and all the improvements we've made this season. We are not going to settle for anything. We're going to leave it all on the field tomorrow, especially because we played so poorly against them last time. We want to show them what Michigan lacrosse is about ... leave an impression ... and advance."

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