101 Ways to Get to Know Women's Lacrosse: 33-30

June 20, 2013

The women's lacrosse staff will countdown 101 ways to help you get to know the program before the first team steps foot on campus in August 2013. Go Blue!

33. What does Team One's summer Performance Training Manual consist of?
Team One's Summer Performance Training Manual introduces the team to some of the key aspects of their overall training and performance regimen at Michigan, as well as the staff responsible for these integral areas. The primary focus of the performance training manual is strength and conditioning and stick skills. Additionally, the manual addresses nutrition, preparation and recovery.

32. What is the ultimate goal of the summer Performance Training Manual?
The goal of the summer Performance Training Manual is to guide Team One through a performance, training and skill development plan in preparation for their arrival on campus and the start of the fall season. It is designed to step-by-step build their training base throughout the summer so that they are exactly where they need to be come September.

31. What is typically the biggest transition from high school to college and how does the summer workout plan help prepare them?
It's a big adjustment going from the high school game to college. It's a quicker, stronger and more skilled game at the collegiate level. The overall transition of our Team One to the college level will come with time and practice, but the summer Performance Training Manual was developed and designed to lessen the transition gap as quickly as possible by building a base for them to work off when they arrive. Throughout the summer, through the Performance Training Manual, we are introducing and preparing their bodies and minds for the next level.

30. Did you incorporate any fun aspects into Team One's summer Performance Training Manual?
Yes! There are a few fun additions to our manual, such as a summer reading assignment and the implementation of accountability partners -- both of which are designed to get the players thinking about leadership and personal responsibility, which we will focus on with our Team One. Perhaps most fun will be the Team One Stick Skill Challenge. This challenge is a fun and competitive way of improving stick skill coordination and building confidence in stick skill control. At the end of the summer, each player is to tape a video of herself performing her best stick tricks. The videos will be sent to the coaches who will view them and narrow the field down to the top three videos. Once on campus, the entire team and staff will watch the top three videos and decide the winner!

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