Regan: On the Record -- Summer Updates from Around the Country
Regan Anderson

July 24, 2014

Sophomore defender Regan Anderson, who is spending her summer back home in California, checks in from across the country to update fans on what the team is up to in the offseason.

After the season ended, we were given two weeks off to let our bodies recover from the past eight months of everyday, often times twice a day, training. During that time, some of us sipped virgin piña coladas on various beaches around the world and worked on our tans because this past Michigan winter left us all looking like ghosts. However, several girls stayed in Ann Arbor for a few more weeks during spring term to lighten their work load by taking a tougher class or just to get ahead on some required courses. But two weeks seemed like forever and we were hungry to start training again!

I think most people would assume that after spending almost every second of every day together for the past several months we would spend the summer with our friends from home and stay in touch only through the 17 different social media platforms that our team is currently using. However, this was not at all the case. Madeline (Dion) and Brooke (Pancoast) met up to go to a Dave Matthews Band concert together in Pennsylvania; Tess (Korten) and Jess (Angerman) worked a lacrosse camp together in Connecticut; Margaret (Metzger) and Kathy (Quigley) -- our local Michiganders -- drove back to Ann Arbor just to "get big"; and I had such severe separation anxiety that I flew all the way across the country to New York to visit Kim Coughlan, who everyone now knows after living together this year that we're practically attached at the hip.

The incoming freshmen recently enjoyed getting on campus for orientation and were able to bond a little together over feeling super official and "so college" -- especially with their new M cards. They also got to experience Wolverine Lacrosse Camp, where members of Team Two got to hang out and meet our new assistant coaches. It's exciting to watch as we grow as a team, but also as we play a big part in our community and helping to grow the sport of lacrosse in the state of Michigan.

Our training is getting harder with the running amping up and the weights getting heavier, but we have such a solid support system in Coach Ashley (Jackson) and Christie (Miller), our athletic trainer, that even from several states away we always know we're in great hands. Summer workouts are all about self-motivation and self-discipline, and with a national championship in our sights, we are all excited and ready to hit the field again in the fall!



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