101 Ways to Get to Know Women's Lacrosse: 25-22
Casey Ancarrow

Aug. 1, 2013

The women's lacrosse staff will countdown 101 ways to help you get to know the program before the first team steps foot on campus in August. Go Blue!

25. As a justice studies major, what made you want to pursue a career in coaching?
I've wanted to pursue a career in coaching since I was in high school. In college, I wanted to pick a major that interested me, and since you can't major in coaching, justice studies was my next choice. Although I enjoyed it, I knew that I would enjoy a career in coaching more. It gives me the chance to have a positive impact on the lives of student-athletes, much like the impact many of my coaches have had on me, all while allowing me to stay involved in the sport that I love. I couldn't have asked for a better combination in any other career that I may have sought out.

24. What attracted you to start your coaching career at Michigan with a brand new program?
The idea of being a part of a brand new program excited me. When I found out that Michigan added lacrosse and was looking for an assistant, I knew there wouldn't be a better place to start my career than here. After visiting Ann Arbor and touring Michigan, my heart was set on this school, and I knew that anywhere else I looked wouldn't be able to compare. The athletics, facilities and resources this university offers are unparalleled and because of this there's no limit to how successful our new team will be in the upcoming years.

23. Talk about the injuries you faced during your career and what you learned by overcoming those challenges.
During my career I tore both of the ACLs and also my MCL, LCL and my meniscus in my right knee. I spent a total of 18 months doing physical therapy for my injuries and during that time while I was sidelined it taught me to never take playing for granted. When I was able to get back on the field after I completed rehab each time, I took every practice and every game one at a time and made the most out of each one. The injuries taught me to be resilient, committed and persistent to my team and to my own career goals.

22. What do you enjoying doing away from the lacrosse field?
Off the field I enjoy the outdoors and anything involving mountains. I also like live music and traveling.

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