U-M Student-Athlete Spotlight: Kat Geffken

Dec. 19, 2013

Kat Geffken is a three-time varsity letterwinner, (2011, '12, '13) and will play her final season at Andover High School (Andover, Mass.) this spring.

Geffken has helped lead Andover to a 51-14-2 overall record and three straight (MVC) Division titles in three seasons as a goalie. The Golden Warriors also reached the Division I North finals in 2011 and 2012, and advanced to the semifinals in 2013. Heading into her senior season, Geffken has recorded a total of 368 career saves.

Following her junior year, she was named a MVC All-Star and was selected to play in the US Lacrosse National Tournament as a member of Lower New England Team 2.

The left handed keeper also participated in club lacrosse for Revolution Lacrosse Black. She helped lead Revolution to victory in the Chill, Lax for the Cure, and the Northeast Challenge tournaments in 2013.

Geffken also participated on the varsity field hockey team at Andover as a sophomore and junior, and was a member of the ski team as a freshman.

College athletics runs in the Geffken family, as her father Karl Geffken played varsity lacrosse at Muhlenberg College (1977-1980), and her brother Erik Geffken was a varsity cheerleader at Penn State University (2010-2013).

Off the field, Geffken is a three-time Honor Roll student (2011, '12, '13), and is a member of National Honor Society.


Geffken photo Kat Geffken
Andover, Mass.
Andover High School

What attracted you to the University of Michigan?
"Many things attracted me to Michigan! I am really looking forward to being a part of this new women's lacrosse program. In addition, I love the campus, the school spirit, and everyone seems very friendly and excited to be at Michigan. I also know that I will receive a fantastic education since Michigan's academics are top notch."

What are your thoughts about continuing to help Michigan build its women's lacrosse program?
"I am super excited to be a member of Team Two. I know I can help build a legacy that will be remembered for years to come."

What do you like about Michigan/Ann Arbor from what you've seen so far?
"I've grown up in a big school family and grown up to love the Big Ten atmosphere, so I know all that big schools such as Michigan have to offer. I knew I wanted huge school spirit from a school, and I love the fact that when you are walking around campus, most of the students are sporting some sort of Michigan apparel. It shows that the students are proud of their school and of their athletic teams, which is very exciting. I have heard a lot about football games at the Big House, and I'm beyond excited to experience a game for myself. Ann Arbor in itself is a great college town, and I really like the fact that everything is very accessible from campus. Even though the University of Michigan is large geographically, I really love the fact that is has a very comfortable and compact feel to it. I also love that athletics and academics are equally respected on and off campus. I think to have such a balance is unique to Michigan, and I know it will be easy to thrive in such an environment."

What is your favorite lacrosse moment of all-time?
"My favorite lacrosse moment was when I was a sophomore. My high school team was set to play the number one team in the state, and my whole team was almost positive we would lose the game. When we came out onto the field, everyone was just loose and ready to play, as there was very little pressure. We ended up playing our best game that night, and we came out with a very well deserved victory. The adrenaline and intensity were at their highest, and every girl gave 110 percent. It was such an incredible night to share with my team. "

How did you first get involved in lacrosse?
"My dad played lacrosse in college and he was excited when our youth services group in town started a lacrosse program for third graders. I remember not even knowing what lacrosse was when my parents signed me up! My dad started to coach my lacrosse team in middle school. He always looked for a volunteer to play goalie and none of the girls on the team ever wanted to, so as the coach's daughter, my dad put me in goal most of the time. I soon grew to love the position and realized I had a talent for it."

Do you have any talents or hobbies that you're willing to share? If so, please explain.
"Whenever I have free time between my social, academic, and athletic life I like to play the violin. I started playing the violin when I was in third grade, and still enjoy playing to this day."

Who is your role model, and why?
"I would say my older brother Erik is my biggest role model. Erik's greatest characteristics are his optimism and positive outlook on life. He is extremely well liked by many because of his confidence and his great attitude. He always can turn a bad situation into a positive one and I hope I can live as successful of a life as he does."

What do you enjoy doing when you're not playing lacrosse?
"Since I spend so much time doing activities that involve lacrosse, I like to spend my free time with my friends and family. They have all provided so much support for me and I don't know where I'd be without them."

Favorite food ... Mac and cheese
Favorite band/artist ... Luke Bryan
Favorite movie ... Tangled
Favorite TV show ... Grey's Anatomy
Favorite book ... Catcher in the Rye
Favorite subject/class taken ... Anatomy and Physiology
Favorite professional athlete ... Tom Brady
Favorite place to visit/vacation ... Chatham, Cape Cod
Favorite sport besides lacrosse ... Basketball
Favorite holiday ... Christmas

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