Wolverines Race Exhibition with UCF in Tampa

Feb. 9, 2013

Site: Tampa, Fla.
U-M Team Result: No team scoring
Next U-M Race: Saturday, March 9 -- at Miami (Fla.) - exhibition (Tampa, Fla.), 1 p.m.

TAMPA, Fla. -- The University of Michigan women's rowing team traveled to Tampa, Fla., for a training trip and exhibition races against the University of Central Florida today (Saturday, Feb. 9). The Wolverines had three eights in the workouts (1v, 2v, 3v) and the Golden Knights had one eight (1v).

Michigan's 1V8 won eight of the nine races on the day, with the school's 2V8 claiming a victory in the fourth workout. The 2V8 placed second in the eight other workouts during the day. The Wolverines' 3V8 and the Golden Knight's 1V8 alternated back and forth in third place throughout the competition, with a tie in the fifth race.

U-M returns to exhibition racing in a month when the squad heads back to Tampa for a 1 p.m. meetup with Miami (Fla.) on Saturday, March 9.

U-M and UCF rowed workouts of 9x500m at the following stroke rates:
Races 1-3: 22spm
Races 4-6: 26spm
Race 7: 28spm
Race 8: 30spm
Race 9: 32spm

Following are the results for the nine races:
1) UM 1v 1:39.5, UM 2v 1:40.0, UCF 1v 1:44.2, UM 3v 1:44.5
2) UM 1v 1:42.4, UM 2v 1:42.4, UM 3v 1:47.6, UCF 1v 1:48.2
3) UM 1v 1:38.7, UM 2v 1:39.4, UM 3v 1:43.3, UCF 1v 1:44.0
4) UM 2v 1:37.8, UM 1v 1:39.0, UCF 1v 1:41.6, UM 3v 1:43.0
5) UM 1v 1:37.0, UM 2v 1:38.2, UM 3v/UCF 1v (tie) 1:41.6
6) UM 1v 1:36.7, UM 2v 1:38.9, UCF 1v 1:42.3, UM 3v 1:47.7
7) UM 1v 1:37.6, UM 2v 1:38.0, UCF 1v 1:42.8, UM 3v 1:43.5
8) UM 1v 1:34.8, UM 2v 1:36.4, UM 3v 1:39.1, UCF 1v 1:39.5
9) UM 1v 1:32.9, UM 2v 1:34.3, UCF 1v 1:35.3, UM 3v 1:36.8