Michigan's 1V8, 2V8 Take Second Among Big Ten Foes

April 13, 2013

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Site: Belleville, Mich. (Belleville Lake)
First Varsity Eight Finish: #4 Ohio State (6:32.7), #13 Michigan (6:38.15), Indiana (6:51.7), Michigan State (6:54.13)
Next U-M Race: Saturday, April 20 - at Clemson Invitational (Clemson, S.C.), 9 a.m.

BELLEVILLE, Mich. -- The 13th-ranked University of Michigan women's rowing team faced its Big Ten Conference opposition at Belleville Lake on Saturday morning (April 13), finishing second to No. 4 Ohio State in five of the seven races. The Wolverines won both of the novice races on the day.

The races started earlier than originally scheduled due to expected wind conditions with gusts over 20 mph in the late morning and afternoon. Instead of competing in head-to-head races, the four schools competed in a four across format to beat the impending wind conditions. The races began at 7:30 a.m.

Michigan finished behind Ohio State in the first four races of the morning: 1V8, 1V4, 2V8 and 2V4. The closest race of the day was the 2V4 where U-M (7.43.4) finished one second behind OSU (7:42.4). The other 1-2 finish between the two arch rivals came in the 3V4 boat where the Buckeyes defeated the Wolverines' 4V4 and 3V4 by less than three and six seconds, respectively.

U-M won both novice races contested during the competition. The 1N8 defeated the Buckeyes by less than three seconds, posting a time of 6:58.8. The 2N8 (6:41.6) and 3N8 (6:53.1) beat Michigan State and Ohio State in the final race of the day.

The Wolverines will compete in the Clemson Invitational next Saturday, April 20, at 9 a.m. The races will be held at Lake Hartwell in Clemson, S.C.

Following are the results from today (places denoted in parentheses):

TimeEventLane 1Lane 2Lane 3Lane 4
7:30 a.m.1V8Indiana
6:51.72 (3)
Ohio State
6:32.7 (1)
Michigan State
6:54.13 (4)
6:38.15 (2)
7:40 a.m.1V4Ohio State
7:33.9 (1)
7:37.9 (2)
7:51.4 (4)
Michigan State
8:20.9 (3)
7:50 a.m.2V8Michigan State
6:56.63 (3)
7:04.57 (4)
6:56.3 (2)
Ohio State
6:48.1 (1)
8:00 a.m.2V4Michigan
7:43.4 (2)
Michigan State
7:47.8 (3)
Ohio State
7:42.4 (1)
8:22.8 (4)
8:10 a.m.1N8 Indiana
7:07.4 (4)
Michigan State
7:05.3 (3)
Ohio State
7:01.1 (2)
6:58.8 (1)
8:20 a.m.3V4Ohio State
7:43.8 (1)
Michigan 3V4
7:49.1 (3)
8:29.6 (4)
Michigan 4V4
7:46.6 (2)
8:30 a.m.2N8Michigan 3N8
6:53.1 (2)
Ohio State
7:07.5 (4)
Michigan State
6:59.2 (3)
Michigan 2N8
6:41.6 (1)

Michigan Lineups:

1V8: Colleen Macke (Coxswain), Melisa Ongun (Stroke), Jessica Eiffert, Emily Idoni, Taylor Schubert, Bryna Oleshansky, Chrissy Holm, Priscilla Livingston, Shannon Stief (Bow)

2V8: Kate Grimaldi (Coxswain), Shannon Winchell (Stroke), Alex Spaulding, Emily Sullenberger, Carrie Lofgren, Nicole Flyer, Hannah Moscati, Lauren Anderson, Michaela Keady (Bow)

1V4: Hannah Sherman (Coxswain), Andrea Johnson (Stroke), Alex Ohman, Allison Boss, Ty Wellik (Bow)

2V4: Kira Rosenbaum (Coxswain), Hayley Yudelman (Stroke) Lauren Himmel, Abbey Thomas Sarah Trovato

3V4: Bianca Troncone (Coxswain), Madeline Dibble (Stroke), Traci Carson, Samantha Scholl, Kathleen Duemling (Bow)

4V4: Andi Cara (Coxswain), Andie Haugen (Stroke), Lena Pfeiffer, Alyssa Weeks, Alyssa Owen (Bow)

1N8: Dani Cipinko (Coxswain), Adena Coste (Stroke), Nora Shepard, Terese Jenks, Arielle Sanders, Bridget Karsten, Hannah Graham, Luna Archey, Kelly Hilk (Bow)

2N8: Emma Knorps (Coxswain), Reilly Jones (Stroke), Catherine Sprague-Manrow, Sarah Chen, Emma Burke, Alex Trecha, Maddie Shields, Kayla Wiggin, Anna Anthony (Bow)

3N8: Corinne Gardner (Coxswain), Michelle Hill, Hayley Tanasijivich, Emily Ritsema, Stephanie Rakestraw, Ally Futterman, Meg Jacobs, Julia Rampton, Erica Hastings (Bow)

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