2V8 Boat Title Leads Michigan to Second Place at B1G Championships

May 17, 2015

Second Varsity Eight
Second Varsity Eight

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Site: Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Creek Park)
Event: Big Ten Championships (Day 2)
U-M Team Finish: 2nd Place of 8 Teams (162 Points)
Next U-M Event: Fri-Sun., May 29-31 -- at NCAA Championships (Gold River, Calif.)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Led by its Big Ten boat champion second varsity eight crew, the 12th-ranked University of Michigan rowing team took second place with 162 points at the 2015 Big Ten Championships held today (Sunday, May 17) at Eagle Creek Park.

In the second race of the morning session, which began at 7:30 a.m. due to expected inclement weather, Michigan's 2V8 crew -- Francesca Derteano (coxswain), Abby Vare, Adena Coste, Libby Murray, Lexie Beemer, Hannah Moscati, Allison Boss, Kinsey Vear and Susie Stevens -- led virtually wire to wire in its race, pulling ahead of Indiana and Ohio State in the first 500 meters, then holding off a late charge by the Buckeyes to win by nearly a boat length in 6:59.608.

The 2V8 win is the first Big Ten 2V8 title for Michigan since 2012 and the fifth 2V8 conference title in program history.

"I'm really pleased with our second varsity eight," said head coach Mark Rothstein. "I think that boat did a great job today. Coach (Liz) Tuppen did a great job preparing that boat, and they really had an outstanding performance to win that event in a very competitive field."

Michigan's 1V8 led off the morning with a very solid race, improving on its time from yesterday's heats by nearly 14 seconds. The Wolverines led through the first 750 meters of the race, before Ohio State's push to the lead midway through the course. Michigan then challenged the Buckeyes in the final 500 meters while holding off Indiana for second place in 6:44.893.

"I thought our varsity eight raced well with again, a very competitive field in that event. Indiana is a really good crew and beating them is a good step for us."

Following the lane-five luck of the first two races for Michigan, the 1V4 crew also performed well in its final. The Wolverines blitzed through the first 1,000 meters to take the lead, then held on to second place to finish in 7:58.903.

Michigan 2V4 continued the string of top-three finishes for the Wolverines, taking third place by narrowly edging Iowa at the finish with a time of 8:11.442. Michigan's 3V4 finished in sixth place in 9:47.393.

In novice racing, the 2N8 crew outperformed its No. 4 seed, finishing in second place (7:34.818) by out-stroking Wisconsin at the finish line. The 1N8 finished fifth in its final in 7:28.870.

"Our goal is always to win the Big Ten championship, and we didn't meet that goal, so in that sense it's a little disappointing," Rothstein said. "But I thought we raced well, and we lost to a really good team."

In an awards ceremony after racing, several Wolverines earned individual awards, as voted on by the league coaches.

Jessica Eiffert and Alex Spaulding earned All-Big Ten First Team recognition, while Hannah Sherman and Louisa Freeman earned All-Big Ten Second Team honors. Allison Boss was recognized as Michigan's selection for the Big Ten Sportsmanship Award.

Final Team Standings

1. Ohio State       186
2. MICHIGAN         162
3. Wisconsin        140
4. Indiana          121
5. Minnesota         88
6. Iowa              79
7. Michigan State    58
8. Rutgers           24

First Team
Mera Dickensheets, Indiana
Beth Baustian, Iowa
Jessica Eiffert, Michigan
Alex Spaulding, Michigan

Sarah Kovacs, Michigan State
Rebecca Braak, Minnesota
Ashley Bauer, Ohio State
Catherine Shields, Ohio State
Holly Norton, Ohio State
Langley Oudemans, Rutgers
Stephanie Malchine, Wisconsin

Second Team
Becca Brougher, Indiana
Alice Wright, Indiana
Cristy Hartman, Iowa
Hannah Sherman, Michigan
Louisa Freeman, Michigan

Lori Comer, Michigan State
Lynn Hodnett, Minnesota
Sarah Davis, Ohio State
Aina Cid Centelles, Ohio State
Katie Dennis, Rutgers
Kristine Kammers, Wisconsin

Lindsey Barber, Indiana
Zoe Ribar, Iowa
Allison Boss, Michigan
Sarah Crosby, Michigan State
Brianna Boileau, Minnesota
Anna Ralph, Ohio State
Katie Dennis, Rutgers
Anne Rauschert, Wisconsin

FINAL Varsity Eights
1. Ohio State: 6:42.111
2. Michigan: 6:44.893
3. Indiana: 6:46.106
4. Wisconsin: 6:55.221
5. Minnesota: 7:01.378
6. Iowa: 7:15.131
7. Michigan State: 7:05.305
8. Rutgers: 7:32.583

1. Michigan: 6:59.608
2. Ohio State: 7:02.290
3. Wisconsin: 7:04.270
4. Indiana: 7:09.383
5. Minnesota: 7:10.565
6. Michigan State: 7:19.715
7. Iowa: 7:15.423
8. Rutgers: 7:43.951

FINAL Varsity Fours
1. Ohio State: 7:52.172
2. Michigan: 7:58.903
3. Wisconsin: 8:02.479
4. Iowa: 8:03.202
5. Indiana: 8:12.304
6. Minnesota: 8:32.739
7. Michigan State: 8:36.396
8. Rutgers: 9:02.861

FINAL II Fours (7 boats)
1. Ohio State: 7:59.292
2. Wisconsin: 8:09.152
3. Michigan: 8:11.442
4. Iowa: 8:11.686
5. Minnesota: 8:21.909
6. Indiana: 8:29.014
7. Rutgers: 9:40.884

FINAL Novice I Eights
1. Ohio State: 7:10.296
2. Wisconsin: 7:11.460
3. Michigan State: 7:17.808
4. Indiana: 7:26.615
5. Michigan: 7:28.870
6. Iowa: 7:35.415
7. Minnesota: 7:53.639
8. Rutgers: 8:15.795

FINAL III Four (6 boats)
1. Ohio State: 8:10.198
2. Wisconsin: 8:23.735
3. Iowa: 8:36.356
4. Minnesota: 8:54.809
5. Indiana: 9:07.249
6. Michigan: 9:47.393

FINAL Novice II Eights (7 boats)
1. Ohio State: 7:27.064
2. Michigan: 7:34.818
3. Wisconsin: 7:34.923
4. Indiana: 7:42.878
5. Michigan State: 7:50. 949
6. Iowa: 8:08.044
7. Minnesota: 8:52.983

Varsity Eight Crews

Hannah Sherman (coxswain), Jessica Eiffert, Louisa Freeman, Alex Spaulding, Kendall Brewer, Tessa Yurko, Kaitlin Wright, Sarah Hudnall, Felicity Cain

Francesca Derteano (coxswain), Abby Vare, Adena Coste, Libby Murray, Lexie Beemer, Hannah Moscati, Allison Boss, Kinsey Vear, Susie Stevens

Varsity Four Crews

Emma Knorps (coxswain), Kathleen Peng, Rae Oleshansky, Mallory Jamett, Kara Puidokas

Nadia Roohparvar (coxswain), Halli Travers, Laura Foster, Kelsi Harden, Lauren Gilbert

Michelle Kraus (coxswain), Beth Williams, Brita Sharef, Riely Kuznicki, Lillian Hochman

Novice Eight Crews

Noa Rothstein (coxswain), Hannah Bashore, Kalia Krichko, Jackie Dallier, Colleen Gaffney, Haley Zapolski, Kaitlyn Mills, Georgia Williams, Olivia Flessland

Alexis Jones (coxswain), Rebecca Martin, Madeleine Grossi, Hannah Hodges, Bhillie Luciani, Rebecca Sorgenfrei, Emily Svitek, Bridget Hennessy, Madeline Rocco

Day 1 Results

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