One Boat Champ, Five Runners-Up Lead U-M to Second at Big Tens

May 18, 2014

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Site: Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Creek Park)
Event: Big Ten Championships
U-M Team Standing: 2nd Place of 7 Teams (140 points)
Next U-M Event: Fri-Sun., May 30 June 1 -- at NCAA Championships (Indianapolis, Ind.)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The ninth-ranked University of Michigan women's rowing team finished second at the Big Ten Championships held Sunday (May 19) at Eagle Creek Park. Michigan placed in the top two in six of the seven races, winning 1N8 and finishing second in the 2N8, 3V4, 2V4, 2V8 and 1V8. The Wolverines placed fourth in the 1V4.

The Wolverines recorded 140 points to finish runner-up for the second straight year behind second-ranked Ohio State (164 points). U-M finished 31 points ahead of third-place Wisconsin, clinching a top two-finish at the Big Ten Championships for the 11th time in 15 years.

Michigan's first novice eight victory (7:04.57) was its first at the Big Ten Championships since 2011 and third overall. The Wolverines also won the 1N8 race in 2001. Michigan entered the 1N8 race as the No. 2 seed.

U-M was tied for the lead through four races after strong performances by the 2N8 (7:21.51) and 1N8 boats, followed by the closest race of the morning, the 3V4 race. Ohio State (7:34.96) narrowly edged Michigan (7:35.71) by a seat and a half, as the teams exchanges the lead throughout the race. The Wolverines' second-place finish in the 2V4 (7:42.43) left Michigan and Ohio State tied at 48 points with three races to go.

Michigan held off Indiana for fourth place in the 1V4 (7:39.31) and trailed the Buckeyes by nine points heading into the 2V8 and 1V8. Ohio State earned wins in both races, edging Michigan by a boat and open water in the 2V8 (OSU 6:38.10, U-M 6:45.34) and by just over a boat length in the 1V8 (OSU 6:29.38, U-M 6:34.22).

U-M will compete in the 2014 NCAA Championships, also held at Eagle Creek Park, in two weeks. The competition will begin Friday, May 30, and run through Sunday, June 1.

Final Standings

1. Ohio State        164
2. MICHIGAN          140
3. Wisconsin         109
4. Indiana           103
5. Michigan State     60
6. Minnesota          55
7. Iowa               39


Second Novice Eight
1. Wisconsin        7:16.12
2. MICHIGAN         7:21.51
3. Ohio State       7:27.87
4. Michigan State   7:38.63
5. Minnesota        7:40.11
6. Iowa             7:45.00
First Novice Eight
1. MICHIGAN         7:04.57
2. Ohio State       7:09.18
3. Wisconsin        7:11.84
4. Indiana          7:13.96
5. Michigan State   7:15.74
6. Iowa             7:28.03
7. Minnesota        7:31.27
Third Varsity Four
1. Ohio State       7:34.96
2. MICHIGAN         7:35.71
3. Minnesota        8:09.55
4. Wisconsin        8:17.75
5. Indiana          8:18.69
6. Iowa             8:21.79
Second Varsity Four
1. Ohio State       7:34.32
2. MICHIGAN         7:42.23
3. Wisconsin        7:47.48
4. Indiana          7:48.39
5. Minnesota        7:55.61
6. Iowa             7:55.66
7. Michigan State   8:03.70
First Varsity Four
1. Ohio State       7:27.31
2. Wisconsin        7:31.43
3. Michigan State   7:35.62
4. MICHIGAN         7:39.41
5. Indiana          7:43.21
6. Iowa             7:49.30
7. Minnesota        7:52.74
Second Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State       6:38.10
2. MICHIGAN         6:45.34
3. Indiana          6:49.57
4. Wisconsin        6:51.83
5. Minnesota        6:57.54
6. Iowa             7:00.95
7. Michigan State   7:01.10
First Varsity Eight
1. Ohio State       6:29.38
2. MICHIGAN         6:34.22
3. Indiana          6:38.06
4. Wisconsin        6:42.31
5. Michigan State   6:48.54
6. Minnesota        6:49.67
7. Iowa             6:53.98


First Team
Mera Dickensheets, Indiana
Zoe Ribar, Iowa
Amanda Elmore, Michigan
Bryna Oleshansky, Michigan

Laura Moore, Michigan State
Lynn Hodnett, Minnesota
Claire-Louise Bode, Ohio State
Holly Norton, Ohio State
Catherine Shields, Ohio State
Monica Whitehouse, Wisconsin

Second Team
Karly Kikkert, Indiana
Alice Wright, Indiana
Lauren Subler, Iowa
Jessica Eiffert, Michigan
Chrissy Holm, Michigan

Sarah Kovacs, Michigan State
Katherine Windsor, Minnesota
Ashley Bauer, Ohio State
Rixt Miedema, Ohio State
Anne Rauschert, Wisconsin

Sportsmanship Award Honorees
Caroline Comey, Indiana
Gabby Watson, Iowa
Andrea Johnson, Michigan
Sarah Sherman, Michigan State
Chelsea Miller, Minnesota
Katie King, Ohio State
Monica Whitehouse, Wisconsin


1V8 - Hannah Sherman (coxswain), Jessica Eiffert, Bryna Oleshansky, Shannon Winchell, Chrissy Holm, Amanda Elmore, Emily Idoni, Tara Foley, Louisa Freeman

2V8 - Francesca Derteano (coxswain), Arielle Sanders, Karla McDaniel, Carrie Lofgren, Taylor Schubert, Kaitlin Wright, Sam Heron, Alex Spaulding, Emily Sullenberger

1V4 - Emma Knorps (coxswain), Priscilla Livingston, Ty Wellik, Sarah Trovato, Allison Boss

2V4 - Sierra Lash (coxswain), Madeline Dibble, Abbey Thomas, Michaela Keady, Andrea Johnson

3V4 - Destiny Mack (coxswain), Alyssa Owen, Adena Coste, Hannah Moscati, Kathleen Duemling

1N8 - Sierra Bain (coxswain), Laura Foster, Tessa Yurko, Lauren Gilbert, Lexie Beemer, Johanna Buschhaus, Kara Puidokas, Jordan Scott, Susie Stevens

2N8 - Anna Rode (coxswain), Emily Butte, Kelsi Harden, Gabrielle Lantis, Kate Panter, Mariel Ziperski, Mallory Jammett, Kinsey Vear, Amanda Chamberlain

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