All Three Boats Advance to NCAA Semifinals

May 25, 2012

Friday Competition  | Thursday Practice | Coach Rothstein Interview (YouTube)

Site: West Windsor, N.J. (Mercer Lake)
Event: NCAA Championships (Day 1)
U-M Heat Results: First Varsity Eight -- Heat, 1st (6:38.48) - advances to semifinals
Next U-M Event: Saturday, May 26 -- at NCAA Championships - Semifinals (West Windsor, N.J.), 9 a.m.

WEST WINDSOR, N.J. -- The University of Michigan women's rowing team (No. 2 CRCA/USRowing Coaches) advanced both its varsity eights directly to Saturday's (May 26) semifinal round with wins in Friday's (May 25) morning heat races at the NCAA Championships held on Mercer Lake. Michigan's varsity four boat finished in fifth place in its heat, but won the afternoon repechage to secure its berth in the semis.

The 1V8 kicked off the morning for Michigan, earning a two-second win over second-place USC in its heat. The Wolverines jumped out to the lead and never relinquished it. U-M's 1V8 marked the second-fastest time among all 16 teams.

Michigan's second eight followed suit and earned a commanding five-second win in its heat. Much like the 1V boat, Michigan's 2V took the lead right out of the gate and held it through the finish line.

Michigan's V4 jumped out to an early lead in its heat but fell off the pace around the 1,000-meter mark. The Wolverines finished fifth and were forced to race in the afternoon repechage against Notre Dame, Cornell, Brown, Stanford, USC and Michigan State. Michigan's four boat took full advantage of its second life, earning a wire-to-wire victory in the afternoon rep. The Wolverines edged out Notre Dame by less than a second for the win.

The Wolverines 1V8 crew will race in the 9:15 a.m. semi tomorrow against Yale, Princeton, Ohio State, Washington and UCLA. Cornell, Harvard, USC, Virginia Cal and Stanford make up the 9 a.m. race. The 2V8 semi will launch at 9:45 a.m. against Stanford, Washington, Ohio State, UCLA and Yale. Wisconsin, Brown, Virginia, Cal, Princeton and USC will race at 9:30 a.m. in the first 2V8 semifinal. Michigan's V4 will race at 10 a.m., taking on Notre Dame, Harvard, Washington, Cal, and Yale. Cornell, UCLA, Ohio State, Virginia, Princeton and Wisconsin make up the field for the 10:15 a.m. V4 semi.


First Varsity Eight

Heat 1
Virginia, 6:37.03 - Advances to semifinal
Washington, 6:43.51 - Advances to semifinal
Harvard, 6:44.18 - Advances to semifinal
Brown, 6:50.78 - Advances to repechage
Yale, 6:52.60 - Advances to repechage

Heat 2
MICHIGAN, 6:38.48 - Advances to semifinal
Southern Cal, 6:40.49 - Advances to semifinal
UCLA, 6:41.93 - Advances to semifinal
Michigan State, 6:46.80 - Advances to repechage
Cornell, 6:54.40 - Advances to repechage

Heat 3
Ohio State, 6:49.85 - Advances to semifinal
California, 6:52.19 - Advances to semifinal
Princeton, 6:53.48 - Advances to semifinal
Notre Dame, 7:04.44 - Advances to repechage
Wisconsin, 7:00.46 - Advances to repechage
Stanford, 7:11.59 - Advances to repechage

Second Varsity Eight

Heat 1
California, 6:52.49 - Advances to semifinal
UCLA, 6:54.50 - Advances to semifinal
Brown, 6:55.22 - Advances to semifinal
Wisconsin, 6:56.49 - Advances to repechage
Southern Cal, 7:01.65 - Advances to repechage

Heat 2
MICHIGAN, 6:50.77 - Advances to semifinal
Virginia, 6:55.04 - Advances to semifinal
Yale, 6:57.78 - Advances to semifinal
Stanford, 7:00.59 - Advances to repechage
Notre Dame, 7:00.60 - Advances to repechage

Heat 3
Ohio State, 6:43.97 - Advances to semifinal
Princeton, 6:45.95 - Advances to semifinal
Washington, 6:47.56 - Advances to semifinal
Cornell, 6:53.47 - Advances to repechage
Harvard, 6:59.07 - Advances to repechage
Michigan State, 7:03.34 - Advances to repechage

Varsity Four

Heat 1
California, 7:19.73 - Advances to semifinal
Princeton, 7:23.28 - Advances to semifinal
Harvard, 7:25.78 - Advances to semifinal
Cornell, 7:27.36 - Advances to repechage
Michigan State, 7:36.70 - Advances to repechage

Heat 2
Virginia, 7:16.70 - Advances to semifinal
Washington, 7:21.32 - Advances to semifinal
UCLA, 7:21.70 - Advances to semifinal
Stanford, 7:30.89 - Advances to repechage
MICHIGAN, 7:32.62 - Advances to repechage

Heat 3
Ohio State, 7:19.94 - Advances to semifinal
Yale, 7:25.73 - Advances to semifinal
Wisconsin, 7:28.88 - Advances to semifinal
Notre Dame, 7:32.14 - Advances to repechage
Southern Cal, 7:40.16 - Advances to repechage
Brown, 7:42.79 - Advances to repechage

MICHIGAN, 7:50.90 - Advances to semifinal
Notre Dame, 7:51.50 - Advances to semifinal
Cornell, 7:52.24 - Advances to semifinal
Brown, 7:58.00 - Advances to third final (Sunday)
Stanford, 8:02.48 - Advances to third final (Sunday)
Southern Cal, 8:06.66 - Advances to third final (Sunday)
Michigan State, 8:07.05 - Advances to third final (Sunday)


First Varsity Eight: Colleen Macke (Coxswain), Melisa Ongun, Julia Darnton, Felice Mueller, Emily Eiffert, Jessica Eiffert, Bryna Oleshansky, Lindsey Healy, Shannon Stief

Second Varsity Eight: Kate Grimaldi (Coxswain), Ariel Piotter, Chrissy Holm, Priscilla Livingston, Emily Idoni, Cristina Felix, April Newberry, Paige Heil, Taylor Schubert

First Varsity Four: Breanne White (Coxswain), Olivia Klipa, Lauren Anderson, Shannon Winchell, Nicole Dressler

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