U-M Rows to Victory in Repechage, Advances to NCAA Semifinals

May 31, 2013

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Site: Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Creek Park)
Event: NCAA Championships (Day 1 - Heats/Repechages)
U-M Results: First Varsity Eight -- Heat, 3rd (7:02.313); Repechage, 1st (7:09.964) - advances to semifinals
Next U-M Race: Saturday, June 1 -- at NCAA Championships - Semifinals (Indianapolis, Ind.), 8:30 a.m.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The University of Michigan rowing team rallied in the afternoon repechage races at the 2013 NCAA Championships on Friday (May 31) held at Eagle Creek Park, winning the second heat of the 1V8 race and placing second in the first heat of the 1V4 competition. The Wolverines earned spots in the A/B semifinals with their performances in those two races. The 2V8 finished third in their heat and will row in the C/D semifinals. All three boats will be back in the water on Saturday morning (June 1) at 8:30 a.m.

The first varsity eight will row in the second of the two semifinals against Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Ohio State and Washington. The Wolverines' first varsity four qualified for the A/B semifinals and will race against Princeton, Notre Dame, Virginia, Southern California and Washington. The top three in each race will advance to the grand final and the lower three will compete in the petite final.

The Wolverines' 1V8 won the second heat of the repechage with a time of 7:09.964. Michigan defeated Brown (7:13.132) by a little more than three seconds and was the fourth-fastest time in both heats of the repechage. U-M was faster than Washington State, Cornell, Boston University and Navy in its heat.

U-M's 1V8 had to race in the reps after the boat finished third in its morning heat behind Virginia (6:49.64) and Washington (6:56.883). The Wolverines time of 7:02.313 was less than six seconds behind Washington for second place and advancement to the semifinals. Michigan was in the fourth heat of 1V8s against Gonzaga, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Rhode Island.

The 2V8 finished third in the second heat of the repechage with a time of 7:31.747. UCLA (7:20.741) won the heat followed by Stanford (7:25.449). The Wolverines placed ahead of Oklahoma, Boston University, Gonzaga and Navy. The 2V8 will race in the C/D semifinals tomorrow morning as the top two finishers in each heat advanced to the A/B semifinals. Michigan's second varsity eight, the defending national champ in the race, got third (7:08.616) in the morning to just miss out on the automatic berth into the semis.

In the final repechage of the day, the Wolverines' 1V4 boat finished second to Stanford (8:07.691) by a little more than three seconds. U-M turned in a time of 8:10.992, nearly three-tenths better than its morning time (8:11.209), which was good for fourth. The Wolverines beat Oklahoma, Harvard, Cornell, Gonzaga and Boston University in the first afternoon heat.

Friday's races started earlier than scheduled due to potential inclement weather in the area.


1V8 Heat 4: Virginia (6:49.64), Washington (6:56.883), MICHIGAN (7:02.313), Wisconsin (7:13.525), Gonzaga (7:18.555), Rhode Island (7:34.118)

2V8 Heat 2: California (6:56.789), Harvard (7:03.367), MICHIGAN (7:08.616), Wisconsin (7:10.244), Boston University (7:33.086)

1V4 Heat 4: Washington (8:01.718), Notre Dame (8:07.379), UCLA (8:09.684), MICHIGAN (8:11.209), Navy (8:33.102), Gonzaga (8:38.331)


1V8 Repechage Heat 2: MICHIGAN (7:09.964), Brown (7:13.132), Washington State (7:16.692), Cornell (7:21.364), Boston University (7:25.155), Rhode Island (7:35.573), Navy (7:39.934)

2V8 Repechage Heat 2: UCLA (7:20.741), Stanford (7:25.449), MICHIGAN (7:31.747), Oklahoma (7:35.057), Boston University (7:47.205), Gonzaga (7:47.226), Navy (8:05.059)

1V4 Repechage Heat 1: Stanford (8:07.691), MICHIGAN (8:10.992), Oklahoma (8:13.730), Harvard (8:19.355), Cornell (8:30.571), Gonzaga (8:36.257), Boston University (8:37.416)


First Varsity Eight: Kate Grimaldi, Jessica Eiffert, Melisa Ongun, Shannon Stief, Emily Idoni, Chrissy Holm, Bryna Oleshansky, Taylor Schubert, Priscilla Livingston

Second Varsity Eight: Colleen Macke, Emily Sullenberger, Hannah Moscati, Shannon Winchell, Carrie Lofgren, Alex Ohman, Tara Foley, Nicole Flyer, Michaela Keady

First Varsity Four: Hannah Sherman, Sarah Trovato, Lauren Anderson, Allison Boss, Andrea Johnson