Michigan's 1V8 Reaches NCAA Grand Final; 2V8, 1V4 in Petite Final

May 31, 2014

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Site: Indianapolis, Ind. (Eagle Creek Park)
Event: NCAA Championships (A/B Semifinals)
U-M Results: First Varsity Eight -- A/B Semifinal #2, 3rd (6:30.312) - advances to grand final
Next U-M Race: Sunday, June 1 -- at NCAA Championships - Finals (Indianapolis, Ind.), 8:30 a.m.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- The University of Michigan rowing team advanced to the grand final in the varsity eight after a third-place finish in a thrilling A/B at the 2014 NCAA Championships on Saturday (May 31) held at Eagle Creek Park. Michigan's 2V8 and 1V4 crews both finished in fourth place in their A/B semifinals and will compete in petite finals on Sunday (May 31).

With four boats separated by less than half a second at the finish of the second 1V8 A/B semifinal, the Wolverines held off Princeton for third place, finishing in 6:30.312, just behind Brown (6:30.108) and Stanford (6:30.061). Michigan rallied from fourth place with the fastest split in the final 500 meters of the race and will compete for a national championship in the 1V8 for the first time since 2012.

The first varsity eight will row in the grand final tomorrow morning at 10:50 a.m. in lane 6 against Washington (lane 1), Brown (lane 2), Stanford (lane 3), Ohio State (lane 4) and California (lane 6). The six crews in the grand final were separated by just 3.705 seconds in the A/B semifinals.

Michigan's 2V8 crew finished in fourth place in the second A/B semifinal at 6:48.680, behind California (6:45.404), Stanford (6:44.395) and Virginia (6:43.702). The Wolverines edged Notre Dame and Southern California. In the 1V4 A/B semifinal, Michigan finished in 7:47.274, behind Southern California (7:43.491), Washington (7:38.059) and California (7:35.330).

Michigan's first varsity four will race in the petite final at 10 a.m. in lane three against Indiana (lane 1), Notre Dame (lane 2), Ohio State (lane 4), Wisconsin (lane 5) and Princeton (lane 6).

The Wolverines' second varsity eight will compete in the petite final at 10:20 a.m. in lane three against Washington State (lane 1), Notre Dame (lane 2), UCLA (lane 4), Washington (lane 5), Southern California (lane 6) and Harvard (lane 7).


1V8 A/B Semifinal 2: Stanford (6:30.061), Brown (6:30.108), MICHIGAN (6:30.312), Princeton (6:30.544), Notre Dame (6:42.132), Harvard (6:43.648)

2V8 A/B Semifinal 2: Virginia (6:43.702), Stanford (6:44.395), California (6:45.404), MICHIGAN (6:48.680), Notre Dame (6:54.600), Southern California (7:07.466),

1V4 A/B Semifinal 2: California (7:34.330), Washington (7:38.059), Southern California (7:43.491), MICHIGAN (7:47.274), Wisconsin (7:51.000), Indiana (7:58.787)


1V8 - Hannah Sherman (coxswain), Jessica Eiffert, Bryna Oleshansky, Shannon Winchell, Chrissy Holm, Amanda Elmore,Emily Idoni, Tara Foley, Louisa Freeman

2V8 - Francesca Derteano (coxswain), Arielle Sanders, Karla McDaniel, Carrie Lofgren, Emily Sullenberger, Kaitlin Wright, Sam Heron, Alex Spaulding, Taylor Schubert

1V4 - Emma Knorps (coxswain), Priscilla Livingston, Ty Wellik, Sarah Trovato, Allison Boss

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