Summer Sessions: Head Coach Mark Rothstein
Mark Rothstein

July 15, 2011

Each weekday in the month of July, will feature an interview with a U-M head coach. Head coach Mark Rothstein sat down for his Summer Session, discussing a busy summer for the Wolverines, returning a strong senior group for next season, and driving a taxi around Ann Arbor.

What makes the summer in rowing so unique?
[Assistant Coach] Brett Sickler is running a U.S. Rowing Development camp here, so a lot of our kids are involved in that. A few of them went to the U-23 camp, and one of our own, Felice Mueller, made the team, so she'll be competing at the World Championships. And then some others go home and row for their clubs. We're kind of all over the place, but we want them rowing, so they can definitely come back in shape. We also encourage cross-training and weight training during the summer.

Why are the summer months so important to the development of your team?
It's a fourth of the year. If you're striving to be an elite athlete, you can't take three months off. That's not the way it's done. You have to train year-round. I do believe the summer, we try to create some flexibility. Occasionally we'll have some students go abroad or do some internships just to do different things, and we want that, but at the same time, they need to find a way to work out, whether it's running, cross-training, and ideally rowing.

What do you see as the team's biggest strength heading into next season?
Our seniors. We have a really strong senior class. It's a big class, and it's a talented class, but more importantly, they are good kids. They know what it takes to succeed. I've always felt that the leadership of the seniors dictates the success of the program for that year. I think that bodes well for us.

What was your first summer job? And where?
I drove a taxi in Ann Arbor the summer after my sophomore year of college. My senior year of high school, I worked at Dominos. That was my first hourly wage job.

Do you or did you have any special travel plans this summer?
Outside of recruiting, which we'll start getting into here soon, my wife and I are going to spend a week in the Hamptons. We're going to stay with my wife's sister and their family, so that will be fun.

Tell us one unique thing you've done since the season ended?
I'm a boring guy. I've tried to spend a lot of time with my two-year-old daughter. Usually every morning we go for a walk, and I try to be home for dinner every night. It's tough during the season. I usually wake up before she does and get home after she goes to sleep, so there are some days when I barely see her at all. That's something I've been trying to do more of.


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