Postgame Quotes: Butler 1, #11 Michigan 0

Sept. 15, 2013

Recap |  Notes

Michigan Head Coach Greg Ryan
On what went wrong in Sunday's loss ... "We came out very flat in the first half. We didn't play well and didn't connect well. You've got to give Butler credit. They packed it in and countered after they got that goal. They didn't let us get in behind them. We gave up an uncharacteristic counter-attack goal, but in the second half, I thought we dominated play and had good chances. It was just one of those days."

On what the team learned from the loss ... "You can't let down for a second. We talked about that after. If you take it easy for a half, put yourself down a goal and the other team packs it in, it's hard to get that next goal. Iowa is a very similar team. They are very hard working, defend well and don't give up many chances. Hopefully, it is a turning point for us. It's maybe been a little too easy for us, this start. We haven't had any adversity up to this point, but we found some today. Now it's a question of how this team responds to it and how our seniors push the team to take it to another level. We just weren't there in the first half today."

U-M Fifth-Year Senior Holly Hein
On the loss ... "It wasn't one of our best starts, and we realized that. The second half, I felt like it was an entirely different match for a few reasons. First, we switched our formation so we could match up better and get forward, and I think it worked for the most part. And second, I think our mentality just shifted entirely. We were down a goal. They were sitting in their final third and packing it in. We knew we needed to break them down and get even and maybe even another one. We had some good chances but just couldn't capitalize today."

On this match possibly being a turning point in the season ... "Yeah, definitely. It's one of those things. I think we learned a great lesson today. Big Ten play is starting now, and it's a whole new set of teams we're going to go up against. We need to recognize that other teams can score on us the way Butler did today. Now we know how it feels, and we'll remember that. We have to move on from this and start focusing on Iowa and the start of Big Ten play."

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